Tiny Desserts at Pink Wasabi

 Pink Wasabi's The Collective branch is barely two months old and it is already receiving rave reviews from bloggers and the media.  They have indeed satisfied the sweet tooth of foodies in the form of their kashi makis or sweet desserts in the shape of Japanese inspired makis.  

 It did not take long before our goodies arrived as the mini sushis arrived with Schlurp milk tea which came in 4 different flavors namely Earl Grey Tea, Assam Black Tea, Ceylon & Indian Tea, and Himalayan Black Tea.  Milk tea is known to not last long so I was happy that the version of Schlurp actually lasts longer than what most people think.

Believe it or not, I am a person who is not that fond of chocolate despite being a fat person.  Because of that, my favorite kashi maki flavors ( 35 per piece for regular and 43 per piece for premium)  were the ones that did not have any chocolate.   Coconut Dream (far right) is one flavor I hope to always dream about.  It had pistachio nut, pistachio cake and coconut flakes.  It had me humming to the tune of "Perfect Combination" after tasting it.


From 2nd to the left is Chef A's Pop Secret.  It is actually chocolate covered popcorn which is something I have never seen in my life.  I suddenly felt the benefits of being a food blogger once I set my taste buds on that beauty.  At the far right is White Matcha loaded with white chocolate, pistachio and green tea.  It was indeed a combination made in heaven as I thought I was in heaven when I got to taste it.

Their mini cheesecake (P45) was the star of the night for me.  It was something that got me craving for more.  

All of us got a box of chocolates to take home to our loved ones at home.  Thanks so much Chef Anna and My Pink Wasabi.  I will definitely be back soon.

After our tummies were heavily satisfied, the Blogeteers (food, beauty, travel & entertainment were represented) posed for a photo-op with Chef Anna and her business partner.

Pink Wasabi
Unit P 7274 The Collective, Malugay St. Makati

All photo credits go to Missy of platefoodlove.com

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