Press Release: Tonkatsu by Terazawa opens at Greenbelt 2

Tonkatsu has found its home in the Philippines

Fashion. Entertainment. Technology. Culture. Name it, and Japan will surely have something to offer. As one of the most innovative and powerful nations in the world, the Land of the Rising Sun is an influential country in just about any aspect. Located approximately 1,900 miles northeast of the Philippines, Japan’s proximity may also be the reason why Filipinos are no exemption to the Nihon invasion—not to mention the sponge-like adaptability of Pinoys. 

Filipinos simply love anything to do with food so it is no wonder that Japanese cuisine has permeated the Filipino taste. And of all Japanese fare, tonkatsu’s familiar comfort of deep-fried pork and steaming rice combo is obviously a sought-after dish by many.

Although considered Yoshoku, or Japanese food with Western influences, tonkatsu is an authentic Japanese dish with origins dating from the late 19th century. And true to the Japanese virtue of patience and penchant for details, authentic Tonkatsu takes at least 3 days to prepare to achieve a distinct tenderness and taste.

Our fast-paced society makes authenticity almost a rare commodity, especially in food. The good news is, The Bistro Group, the force behind T.G.I.Friday’s, Italianni’s, Fish and Co., and Watami, has brought another player to their successful series of international franchises. Tonkatsu by Terazawa, brainchild of Chef Akinori Terazawa, promises that authentic and flavorful Tonkatsu is just a bite away.

With 20 years of successful operation to back it up, Tonkatsu by Terazawa has graced not only Japanese folks with their mouth-watering Katsu specialities, but has extended to countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. And now it has found its home in the Philippines and is ready to set the Tonkatsu standards even higher.


Despite the growing Katsu craze in the country at the moment, Tonkatsu by Terazawa is playing it differently by fashioning it the Nagoya way. Mr. Terazawa, a Nagoya native, differentiates this style through its usage of miso (soy bean paste); giving it a distinct sweet and salty taste. He only uses aged meat to give it a more flavorful quality. This process, as claimed by Mr. Terazawa, is the most important part of the tonkatsu process.

Tonkatsu by Terazawa is now open and would like to let you taste the difference. Drop by at Greenbelt 2, Ground Floor and experience Tonkatsu the way it should be.

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