P99 Happy Sundae at Swensens

In the 3rd leg of last Thursday's triple Blogger event header, we landed at Swensen's to try out their Happy Sundae.  The regular size of each sundae is only P99 while the large one is P169. 

There is nothing like a behind the scenes look of how they made the sundaes.  This time, this girl showed us how it was done. 

Happy Nutty

There is nothing like a sweet ending and that was exactly what happened on this night.  I had the Happy Nutty sundae all to myself.  I loved nuts so I almost did not allow the other bloggers to taste this goodie.  It was indeed the perfect ending to a fun filled night.

Happy Strawberry

Strawberry lovers would love the Happy Strawberry sundae and it really mixes well with all the bananas there and the cherry on top.

Happy Green Tea

The Happy Green Tea sundae had a combination of green tea ice cream, red beans, whipped cream and bananas.  It was a delightful combination to say the least.  My friends enjoyed this one and I really envy them since I don't really like red beans.

Happy Brownie

Chocolate lovers would love the fact that the Happy Brownie sundae came into their lives.  It is indeed a treat for any chocolate lover. 

Instead of taking a group photo, we decided that the spotlight was on the Happy Sundaes as it was them who had their picture taken.  The sundaes sure knew how to strike a pose. hehe

The Earthquake (P655)

I had no idea what the other bloggers were thinking when they thought they could stand up to the Earthquake.  I was supposed to be in a contest where the fastest person who could finish the Earthquake would win.  Unfortunately, my cowardly self backed out at the last minute.  Looking at this beauty, I am not that big on chocolate ice cream so I did not dig on this too much.  This beauty would fit a group of 8 people.

2nd Floor Eastwood Mall

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