Interview with the Teng Brothers

Life does not get any better than the Teng brothers as they have to deal with basketball, screaming women and a bunch of endorsements. That is not even including appearances on being interviewed by the likes of Vice Ganda, Ryza Mae and Karen Davila.  We sat down with the Teng brothers and they were more than happy to answer all of our questions.

For my question, I asked Jeron how it feels to have Kobe Paras as a teammate.  He answered by telling us that he would welcome that because he is a high flyer.

In one of the funniest things I have ever seen, one of my colleagues that night actually asked them who they think is more handsome out of the two.  Jeric quickly said that he thinks it is him while Jeron returned the question to the interviewer.  It was one hilarious moment I would not forget soon.

The brothers reflected on their heated exchange in Game 1 of the finals and how it will probably never again due to the fact that they are back to being brothers unless they are on opposing teams in the PBA.

Jeric told us that it would not really matter which PBA team selects him because it would be an honor itself to play in the PBA. 

When asked if they were not playing basketball, both of them were unanimous in saying that they want to open a restaurant.  Jeron also admitted that he eats more out of the both of them.

My girlfriend had a nice experience having her picture taken with the two boys.  I was actually thinking of having my picture taken with their sister but that would be pointless. Haha

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