Chinese Classics at Hap Chan Harbour Square

I was delighted to join another Openrice Eat's a Date and this one was held at Hap Chan Seafood Restaurant at Harbor Square.  Since I am Chinese, I have actually tasted most of what they served in the past. 

Hakaw (P120)

Hakaw is my favorite dimsum dish of all time.  One serving is just not enough for me as the steamed shrimp dumpling makes me giddy for more.

Siomai (P85)

A lot of people are very fond of siomai and it has inspired food carts dedicated to it.  It really is a great snack and Hap Chan has a very nice version.

Minced Pork with Lettuce (P275)

The combination of minced pork with lettuce is so good that it really lit up my eyes.

Lobster Ball Noodle

Asado Noodle (P110)

Steamed Wanton

Chicken Feet (P80)

Who does not like Chicken Feet?  This dish pleases everyone.

Lemon Chicken (P275)

Whenever me and my family would dine at Hap Chan, I would always order Lemon Chicken.  It is a classic Chinese dish with good reason. 

Beef Steak (P330)

One good thing about their beef steak is that it is so tender.  It really goes well with the sweet sauce and onions.  This is one dish I would eat so fast because it is so tasty.

Fried Spareribs with Salt and Pepper (P275)

It is a good thing Hap Chan's fried spareribs with salt and pepper don't have much bones in it.  It is crunchy and that is always a good thing.

Squid Salt & Pepper (P260)

The salt and pepper squid really tastes well when dipped into the vinegar sauce.  I don't like squid that much but I would make an exception for this dish.

Crispy Kikiam

Their version of kikiam sure nailed the spot.  Overall, I enjoyed my lunch at Hap Chan and I am sure the other bloggers did as well.

Hap Chan Seafood Restaurant
Unit 1101, Ground Floor
Harbour Square, CCP Complex
Malate, Manila
(02) 403 5905

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