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Me and my friend Hana were lucky enough to sample the food of Ibarra's as we were invited over to their Timog branch Plaza Ibarra.  Ibarra's is a company known for providing reasonable rates for good value.  They are an events venue for occasions such as weddings, baptisms, debuts, kiddie parties and many more.

They have 4 branches: Villa Ibarra at Tagaytay, Ibarra's Garden at Ermita, Bella Ibarra at Quezon Avenue and Plaza Ibarra at Timog, Quezon City.  

Fans of Hawaiian pizza will love the fact that theirs is just what the doctor ordered.  It is even made right in front of you.  I am a pizza lover so I was deeply satisfied with their pizza.

Those with the sweet tooth will love the desserts offered here. 

The bride model demonstrated what would happen if you book a wedding there.  They also have wedding packages starting with the Standard Wedding Package at Php 104,250 + 12% VAT for a minimum of 150 people, Superior Wedding Package at Php 115,500 + 12% VAT for a minimum of 150 people, All Inclusive Wedding Package at Php 175,900+ 12% VAT for a minimum of 150 people and Deluxe Wedding Package at Php 130,500
+ 12% VAT for a minimum of 150 people.  A bunch of irresistible menus are available for choosing for every package too.

The highlight of the buffet was without a doubt the Seafood Paella.  Unfortunately, we barely got to taste it since we were last in line.  I asked the other attendees though and they really recommended it.  It had a lot of toppings including squid, crab, shrimp and mussles 

It is no secret that I am such a lengua addict so I was very ecstatic that this dish was in their list along with mixed vegetables and roasted pork loin.  The buffet had some fine choices that it was no surprise there was nothing left by the end of the evening.  

I enjoyed the pork belly myself as it was crunchy and delicious.  I just wished they had more of this.

For more information, head over to their official website.

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