Big Bite Preview

I have to give a shout out to my homies from Stratos PR for inviting me to the media preview of the Big Bite: The Northern Food Festival.  Judging from the food served to us, it is going to be a festival like no other.

Just look at the food served to us:

Pampanga's Best Tocino

Whenever we go grocery shopping, I would find myself putting a bunch of Pampanga's Best Tocino in the grocery car.  It is truly the best tocino in the country.

Christy's Special Bulacan Chicharon

Pandan Rice

This has got to be one of the best fried rice variations I have ever tasted.  It looks like it is rice mixed with pinakbet and I have never seen that before.  It is truly a winner. 

Kare Kare


Sisig and Kare Kare are two of my all time favorite Filipino dishes.  It would not be a Filipino feast without those two. 

Hao Fillet wrapped in Mustasa leaves

Kuliat Empanada

Being such an empanada lover, I loved the crunchiness of Kuliat's version. 

Sweet Heavens Nueva Ecija's Leche Flan

I have to confess I had a little too much leche flan as Sweet Heavens made such a good version.  I could not resist taking on a lot of it.

Kabigting's Halo Halo

Bella's Puto Calasiao

Bella's Puto flavors really hit the spot for me.  My favorite was the cheese flavor (color yellow). The ube flavor (color violet) would come at a close second.

Tollhouse Club House Sandwich and Baked Mac

Can you believe all this food was just a sample of the things to come at Big Bite?  It is expected to be one wonderful feast.

Nathaniel's Buko Pandan Salad

I remember how I would frequent Nathaniel's because they have great food.  Not only is their pandan salad good but they also have good roast beef pie, pandan juice, siomai and an assortment of rice meals.  I recommend visiting them to sample their goodies.

In a preview for the Big Bite event this coming Oct 18-20 at Marquee Mall, co founder RJ Ledesma introduced us to an impromptu cooking demo.  There is also a promo of for every P500 worth of purchase at Marquee Mall, you can sample food from selected participants.  There will also be a family recipe contest where you can enter your family recipe and get a chance to win P20,000.

My tummy was satisfied on this night.   See you all at the Big Bite!

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