Success Lounge International opens at Tomas Morato

Success Lounge International is one restaurant that lives up to its name.  It is owned by success coach John Calub and his former students who also became rich just like him.  I attended one seminar of Calub (did he steal my last name without the "bad"?) so I already know.  When I saw him, he still has that trademark two gold watches on both of his arms.  You know the atmosphere of the area has changed when John Calub has walked in.

Before John Calub arrived, Leah Ungson decided to tell us her side of the story.  She says that the place is an events place, restaurant and meeting place rolled into one.  There is even a room there for a one on one coaching session.  The entire restaurant can be reserved for a special occasion if needed.

She also revealed the restaurant will soon be carrying bamboo dishes apart from almost everything in the restaurant being made out of bamboo including the plates and furniture since bamboo is the closest tree to success.

The chairs here are extra special because according to Calub, they cost around P10000 each but that is not exactly the price they got it for since they bought a lot of them. The water served here is alkaline water which would restore the PH level of your body to optimum level of wellness and validity.

Out of all the dishes that were served, I loved the Chicken Curry the most.  I gave compliments to the chef because credit is due where it is due.  The other dishes were also good especially the pasta.

John Calub introduced us to their new promo which is the 168 value meal with unlimited rice and viand.  It is the first of its kind here in the country.  The usual thing you would see is the unlimited rice in value meals but here, whatever comes with the rice is also unlimited.  We were hooked up with what it offered as some of the viands were t-bone steak, liempo, kare-kare, sisig, chicken bbq and beef steak.

Success Lounge International
Scout Bayoran corner Tomas Morato

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That's funny how you associated "Calub" and "Calubad." :)) PHp 168 for a meal is reasonable. Looking forward to dining here next time.

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