Red Buffalo opens at Eastwood

Red Buffalo made its much awaited grand opening last Thursday at their Eastwood branch and me along with some blogger friends were on hand.  As much as I would love to admit it, I love the food at Red Buffalo.  Their pizzas are gold, their house iced tea makes me want to crave for more and the wings are their specialty for a reason.

The first wings we tried were Lemon Pepper and Parmesan Garlic.  I plead guilty to completely ignoring any chicken flavor that is not Parmesan Garlic.  It is my favorite flavor by a mile and I did not care what the other bloggers thought about me munching all the Parmesan wings. 

One thing that I would love to mix with their chicken wings is the Chicken Alfredo pasta (P205). 

My blogger friends became a big fan of the Pulled Pork pizza (P395).  It is coincidentally one of their new specialty pizzas.  We asked owner Cheska Zamora why they phased out my ex girlfriend the Breakfast Delight pizza.  The answer was it was to give way to some of Chef Jethro's new creations including this beauty.

There are a lot of things mixed in their Jambalaya (P165) including shrimp, bell pepper, mushrooms, chicken and shrimp.  It was too bad nobody was a fan of rice so I had it all to myself.  I could not say I was complaining though because I loved it.

One of my co-bloggers wanted to try the Honey Bourbon wings even though most of them said they were already full.  When the wings arrived, they were gone a few minutes later.  Wait a minute, I thought they were already full?  The quality of the food can certainly make you change your mind.

Their best pizza is the Steak and Cheese pizza (P395) by a nose.  I loved this pizza to bits.  I think I could have taken out the entire pizza if I were not with some friends.

See you real soon, Red Buffalo.  I will definitely be back real soon.

Red Buffalo
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