Brown Rice Night at Sev's Cafe

Because of the non stop rain, I arrived late at the Brown Rice event held at Sev's Cafe.  It was organized by Dakila in order to promote the Good Food project.  There was a surprise at the event and it was singer/songwriter (and Brown Rice advocate) Aia de Leon performing a number to the delighted crowd.

I loved every bit of the food served here.  The food were beef caldereta, turon, tofu, ginata and brown rice.  I would love to come back here since I hear there are a lot of good events held here.

There were a lot of food served throughout the evening and the highlight was obviously the brown rice.  There are numerous benefits of making the switch to brown rice instead of the usual white rice.  Brown rice benefits farmers economically since the production of brown rice is cheap and that would allow them to spend for other things like seedlings and other agricultural resources.

Brown rice needs only one milling to produce it so it cuts down on the burning of fuel.  It also eliminates the need of pesticides and insecticides so farmers don't need to worry about the harmful effects brought about by those chemicals.  

The use of brown rice can also lead to families below poverty line having a healthy lifestyle.  Since they can't afford to buy food, they are exposed to unhealthy food.  If they choose to eat brown rice then they will be healthy even if they are not rich. 

Sev's Cafe owner Ipat Luna is one of the Brown Rice campaign advocates and that list includes a host of other celebrities including Carlos Celdran, Tuesday Vargas, Marc Nelson and yours truly.

Did I mention brown rice is rich in dietary fiber perfect for diabetics and rich in vitamin B as well?  Make the switch to brown rice today and look forward to a healthier lifestyle.

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