Agantea opens at Acacia Town Center

Since I am such a milk tea lover, I traveled all the way to Acacia Town Center in order to sample the milk teas of Agantea.  I saw the place has great ambiance because the sofas are so comfortable to sit in.  They just opened last August 5 and Acacia Town Center looks relatively new. 

I looked around and they sure have some awesome milk tea choices here.  We found out all their ingredients are imported from Taiwan.  I even joked that since they said everything is from Taiwan then maybe the tissue is as well.

These are their buzzers for customers to know their order is ready for drinking.  This branch has no snacks yet but they will have it soon enough since their other branches already have.

Pear Fruit Tea with Agar Bits (P110)

The agar bits that are mixed in this drinks are actually low in calories and that makes it a healthy drink.  It is a must try for everyone who loves fruit tea.  The mellow alpine tea base is just one of the reasons it impressed me.

Hawaiian Fruit Tea (P110)

If you want a lot of ingredients in your drink then this drink is for you.  One of my co-bloggers even commented that there are a lot of things going on inside this drink.  She is so right because there are a lot of fruits mixed in it.

Bubble Milk Tea (P110)

The Agantea version of the highly popular Bubble Milk Tea is a classic in my eyes (and taste buds).    The reason for that is they have their special recipe for it.  It is one recipe that I wish I can get my hands on.

QQ Milk Tea with Black Pearl and Coconut Jelly

The classic creamy flavor is what makes this drink so awesome.  Add that to the fact that it has pineapple nata and black tapioca.

Taro Milk Tea with Taro Bits (P110)

Fresh sweet taros are included in this popular drink.  It has that sweetness for people who has that sweet tooth.

Milk Lid Mango Green Tea (P100)

Milk lid is their version of rock salt and cheese.  It is my favorite sidings on a milk tea.  The have a nice collection of milk lid flavors here and they had us try Milk Lid Mango Green tea.  I really love the combination of mango and green tea in this one and I was glad it was the one they served.  Out of all the drinks that were served, this was my favorite.

Latte (P90)

I wanted to try their coffee so they had me try the Latte.  It was a nice caffeine filled drink that got me going for the rest of the day.

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Acacia Town Center

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