Success Lounge International opens at Tomas Morato

Success Lounge International is one restaurant that lives up to its name.  It is owned by success coach John Calub and his former students who also became rich just like him.  I attended one seminar of Calub (did he steal my last name without the "bad"?) so I already know.  When I saw him, he still has that trademark two gold watches on both of his arms.  You know the atmosphere of the area has changed when John Calub has walked in.

Before John Calub arrived, Leah Ungson decided to tell us her side of the story.  She says that the place is an events place, restaurant and meeting place rolled into one.  There is even a room there for a one on one coaching session.  The entire restaurant can be reserved for a special occasion if needed.

She also revealed the restaurant will soon be carrying bamboo dishes apart from almost everything in the restaurant being made out of bamboo including the plates and furniture since bamboo is the closest tree to success.

The chairs here are extra special because according to Calub, they cost around P10000 each but that is not exactly the price they got it for since they bought a lot of them. The water served here is alkaline water which would restore the PH level of your body to optimum level of wellness and validity.

Out of all the dishes that were served, I loved the Chicken Curry the most.  I gave compliments to the chef because credit is due where it is due.  The other dishes were also good especially the pasta.

John Calub introduced us to their new promo which is the 168 value meal with unlimited rice and viand.  It is the first of its kind here in the country.  The usual thing you would see is the unlimited rice in value meals but here, whatever comes with the rice is also unlimited.  We were hooked up with what it offered as some of the viands were t-bone steak, liempo, kare-kare, sisig, chicken bbq and beef steak.

Success Lounge International
Scout Bayoran corner Tomas Morato

Red Buffalo opens at Eastwood

Red Buffalo made its much awaited grand opening last Thursday at their Eastwood branch and me along with some blogger friends were on hand.  As much as I would love to admit it, I love the food at Red Buffalo.  Their pizzas are gold, their house iced tea makes me want to crave for more and the wings are their specialty for a reason.

The first wings we tried were Lemon Pepper and Parmesan Garlic.  I plead guilty to completely ignoring any chicken flavor that is not Parmesan Garlic.  It is my favorite flavor by a mile and I did not care what the other bloggers thought about me munching all the Parmesan wings. 

One thing that I would love to mix with their chicken wings is the Chicken Alfredo pasta (P205). 

My blogger friends became a big fan of the Pulled Pork pizza (P395).  It is coincidentally one of their new specialty pizzas.  We asked owner Cheska Zamora why they phased out my ex girlfriend the Breakfast Delight pizza.  The answer was it was to give way to some of Chef Jethro's new creations including this beauty.

There are a lot of things mixed in their Jambalaya (P165) including shrimp, bell pepper, mushrooms, chicken and shrimp.  It was too bad nobody was a fan of rice so I had it all to myself.  I could not say I was complaining though because I loved it.

One of my co-bloggers wanted to try the Honey Bourbon wings even though most of them said they were already full.  When the wings arrived, they were gone a few minutes later.  Wait a minute, I thought they were already full?  The quality of the food can certainly make you change your mind.

Their best pizza is the Steak and Cheese pizza (P395) by a nose.  I loved this pizza to bits.  I think I could have taken out the entire pizza if I were not with some friends.

See you real soon, Red Buffalo.  I will definitely be back real soon.

Red Buffalo
Eastwood Citywalk 1

Brown Rice Night at Sev's Cafe

Because of the non stop rain, I arrived late at the Brown Rice event held at Sev's Cafe.  It was organized by Dakila in order to promote the Good Food project.  There was a surprise at the event and it was singer/songwriter (and Brown Rice advocate) Aia de Leon performing a number to the delighted crowd.

I loved every bit of the food served here.  The food were beef caldereta, turon, tofu, ginata and brown rice.  I would love to come back here since I hear there are a lot of good events held here.

There were a lot of food served throughout the evening and the highlight was obviously the brown rice.  There are numerous benefits of making the switch to brown rice instead of the usual white rice.  Brown rice benefits farmers economically since the production of brown rice is cheap and that would allow them to spend for other things like seedlings and other agricultural resources.

Brown rice needs only one milling to produce it so it cuts down on the burning of fuel.  It also eliminates the need of pesticides and insecticides so farmers don't need to worry about the harmful effects brought about by those chemicals.  

The use of brown rice can also lead to families below poverty line having a healthy lifestyle.  Since they can't afford to buy food, they are exposed to unhealthy food.  If they choose to eat brown rice then they will be healthy even if they are not rich. 

Sev's Cafe owner Ipat Luna is one of the Brown Rice campaign advocates and that list includes a host of other celebrities including Carlos Celdran, Tuesday Vargas, Marc Nelson and yours truly.

Did I mention brown rice is rich in dietary fiber perfect for diabetics and rich in vitamin B as well?  Make the switch to brown rice today and look forward to a healthier lifestyle.

One Rainy Night at Farinas Ilocos Empanada

The first branch of Farinas Ilocos Empanada opened last December of 2011 in a 5 sqm food stall.  Almost two years later, it now has 10 branches all over the metro.  That's not such a bad accomplishment for a food place that started out selling only empanadas.  99% of their products is from Ilocos and the 1% that is not happens to be the eggs even though I joked it was the softdrinks.

Me and a few bloggers were fortunate enough to meet up with owners Brian Farinas and wife Hazel thanks to her sister Bobbie.  It was a dark rainy night but we still pushed through with the small meet and greet.  The owners were very friendly and they entertained all our questions throughout the night.  I am actually always in this Visayas Ave branch since the company I am currently in is just across the street.

We started out with the Xtra Special empanada (P65) which had 2 longganisa,1 egg, papaya and monggo.  Hazel revealed to us that all empanadas have papaya and vegetables.  They all just differ in the amount of egg, longganisa and cheese.  Customers also have the option to have more cheese added to the empanada.  

Like what I told the owners, I love their empanadas because they are a very healthy alternative to rice meals.  It get rids of your hunger without the guilt of eating rice. The fact that their longganisa has 0% cholesterol also helps.

Their Pancit Bagnet (P125) is an exclusive to their restaurant.  I am an addict to pancit and I love the fact that  there is finally a version that has bagnet bits.  It is truly a winner and it was the best out of all that was served to us.  I can't wait to come back to Farinas and eat this again.

We also had the Special Ilocos Miki (P115).  It contains bagnet, toasted garlic, egg in chicken soup.  Hazel then revealed to us that toasted garlic is the specialty ingredient of their restaurant and all of their items have it.  It is perfect for the cold weather in the country right now.

For dessert, their kamote chips is a must try.  Mayor Echiverri himself would order a lot of it in one transaction because it is indeed very addicting.  I had some of it and it truly is a great way to end a sumptuous meal at Farina's.

Hazel asked the Chinese bloggers what we thought of Ilokano food.  We told them their food was awesome and I can't wait to take that small walk from the office to here over and over again.

Farinas Ilocos Empanada
36 Visayas Ave
Project 6, Quezon City

Generic Mamaw presents Dave Matthews Night comes off a HUGE success

The Dave Matthews Night organized by Generic Mamaw Productions was a great night to say the least.  There was a lot of people inside Route 196 because of the awesome bands performing songs by the Dave Matthews band.  I was lucky to become one of the media partners for this event and I am really looking forward to the next events of Generic Mamaw.

Bullet Dumas was extremely impressive with their set of songs.  They had a lot of us reaching for our cameras in order to take pictures. I have to give credit where credit is due and the band members playing the violin and saxophone deserve special notice.

It was unfortunate I was not able to arrive on time to catch Johnoy Danao's performance.  However, the performance of Inky de Dios more than made up for it.  The lead singer had a nice voice and the audience were on their tiptoes to see their performance.  It was one of those performances where I really envied the people who were in the front.