Wofex experience

It was my first time attending the World Food Expo or WOFEX thanks to my friend Joy.  There were booths that offered a taste of what they have to offer, food stalls and even booths that are not related to food.  We had enough time to go around the function room of the SMX Convention Center.

First, we found Divella and they had some great pasta on hand.  We sampled all their pasta products and we were not disappointed one bit.

Team Eat & Cheat Cancer is all about putting anti cancer ingredients and they participated in the cooking competition.  We were both very supportive for their team but they had an hour to complete their cooking session so we went around a little bit.

I even bumped into my high school classmate Kevin Cheung and I am glad he has his own business now.  We also sampled a lot of food including pancit, tacos, salad and milk tea. 

Team EACC was back and this time they gave us a cooking demo.  A pretty young girl from Junior Master Chef also joined them and gave us a good cooking demo of healthy foods.

Me and Joy would not let the day pass by without a selfie.  Haha.  We shall definitely be back next year.

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