Stories: Hear, Listen and Understand at Sweet Spot

We arrived a little late for TriboCo. Kultura Kamp's Shared Stories: Hear. Listen. Understand. It was the perfect day to hold the event because it is the international day for the world's indigenous people.  When we got there, hosts Forest Candelaria and Mare Collantes were already discussing about the wonderful time everyone is having so far.

Erika Cruz from the Ateneo Musicians Pool entertained us by singing some wonderful songs.  She has a really nice voice and I see a bright future in here singing career.

Aldous ate the World was one of the proud media sponsors of this event even though I admit the logo needs a little retouching.

Up next, Reese read a story about the indigenous people.  It was a very touching story and I am sure she capture the attention of the entire audience.

The Sweet Spot is just a new restaurant and we already got to taste their wonderful dishes.  I have to admit the beef with broccoli was worth the price. 

While eating, Serge Gabriel told his story about the indigenous people.  I can tell from the crowd's reaction that the crowd was into his story from the start up until the end.  

After Serge's story, I went upstairs and took photos of the indigenous people exhibit.  The pictures were great and it really revealed to me that these people need a lot of attention. I am so glad that Kultura Kamp is organizing tours that would let people visit them.

Andreia took the stage and serenaded the live audience with some great songs.  You can tell they were good from the fact that a lot of people were singing along with them.  I would have too if I knew the lyrics of the song.

Team TriboCo. Kultura Kamp (L-R) Mare, Idonna, Arvin and Angela

The hosts took a moment and appreciated the beauty and brains behind TriboCo. Kultura Kamp.  The event was a success so it is a good thing they were recognized in front of the attendees.

After that, the owner of Sweet Spot had us taste her Dulce de Leche cake.  Oh my!  My eyes really lit up when I got to taste this magnificent masterpiece.  I will certainly come back here when I pass by the area.

Andrew De Pano and Joy Pasco delighted the crowd with a couple of good song numbers.  It was a good thing not a lot of people had left yet despite the time otherwise they would have missed a really good song number.

The show came to an end but the crowd wanted Mare to sing a number.  It did not take long for her to give in to the crowd's request as she showed her really good singing talent.

To find out how you can join their upcoming tours, visit their official website.  Also, keep on checking back here as this blog will give exclusive discounts to its readers for the tours.

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Ron Leyba ayon kay ...

Kudos to TriboCo for such kind of even. I hope they can organize a bigger one in the near future.

Traveling Morion ayon kay ...

I Salute for organizing this kind of event. Philippines is indeed rich in cultures and traditions because of our tribes. Let us save our identity- let's save our culture- let's save these tribes

Kim Nieves ayon kay ...

I love the stylishness of the mini art gallery, it clearly showcases the uniqueness and beauty of our fellow indigenous people! :)

fbalgos ayon kay ...

A really nice gallery..
Indigenous people in our country are truly under represented, its good to knowthat people are championing them.
Here I am, just got back from a weekend outreach of from Kalinga province.. Extending a helping hand is really a good accomplishment, something worth my extra spare time and effort.

Gil Camporazo ayon kay ...

The theme of the event caught my interest. Is this Aldous, the author, the writer? There is no mention about him and also about the title? I could only guess that this is about the native people.

papaleng ayon kay ...

Saludo ako sa for coming out with a very cause-oriented event. More exposion to our katutubo pipol.

Lei ayon kay ...

Kudos to TriboCo for such kind of event.I think this is a great advocacy!!!


Franc ayon kay ...

I like how they have several medium to tell the story of the indigenous people.

Joshua Berida ayon kay ...

It is nice to know that there is an event like this that represents the indigenous people of the Philippines. The food looks good and the gallery nice as well.
-Wanderer Juan

Unknown ayon kay ...

This is indeed great, awareness of the indigenous people must be looked into especially in the new generation where modern world occupy their time.

San Josenyong Gala ayon kay ...

Events dedicated for indigenous people (events like this!) are proof that there are still people who care about our indigenous brothers. I just hope that these same people doesn't stop in learning about them just from visiting and attending events like this but through active participation in community and hands-on activities meant for them.

Ellen DB ayon kay ...

This is a great kind of interactive tour where you can learn about the place and experience on hand the lifestyle of indigenous people of our country.

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