Steak Spree Thursdays at Corniche

Wazzup Pilipinas really nailed it with this event at the Manila Diamond hotel.  I still can't believe I got to dine at one of the most raved 5 star hotel buffets in Manila, Corniche along with blogger friends.  PR Manager Twinkle Lacsamana introduced us to the lovely food as there seem to be many sections in the buffet. 



There was the Persian section, Grilling station, Filipino station, Italian station, Dimsum station, Appetizer section and probably more sections that I missed.  It was one of those huge buffets where it was impossible to taste everything that was there.

I am someone who would skip the appetizer in order to get to the main course right away so I would always ignore the salad station.  This night was different though as I found out they have some fine greens.

Steak Spree Thursdays is no doubt one buffet meat lovers myself would love.  It is one of those buffets that would make me wish I had two tummies to fill.  Add that to the fact that the entire buffet only costs P2335 nett per person. 

I dedicated my 2nd round to the Japanese section.  I went after the shrimp tempura, pancake and different types of sushi.  Of course, the Jap section is expected to be always full of people and this night was no different.

For dessert, I had them create me a mango crepe with mocha ice cream.  It was really sweet and delicious.  In all the buffets I have been to, it would never be complete without an ice cream crepe.  I also tried to be creative by mixing it with the chocolate fountain and putting some leche flan bits in it.

For the weight watchers, there were a ton of sugarfree desserts here.  Unfortunately, I forgot to watch my weight on this day as I went after the desserts that had full sugar in them.  Maybe I can plan a diet next time.

For the first time in any buffet, I saw a Create Pad Thai section.  Because of that, I quickly had my pad thai made even if all the other bloggers were still taking pictures.  They could tell I was too excited to eat here.




I have to admit I was already half full when the steaks came out.   I barely got to enjoy the steaks even if they were the highlights of this buffet.  I did manage to get a few bites of all of them and they were really good. 

Since I am a big fan of fresh juices, I had a couple of fresh orange juice for drinks.  It was indeed the perfect drink to compliment this buffet.

The night would not be complete without some selfies with Hana, Kaye, Sumi and Twinkle.  It was indeed one of my favorite events of the year and all of us went home with a full tummy.

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Gen-zel ayon kay ...

OMG!!! I remember we went to Bellevue for a buffet like this but they have more here! I'm drooling over the desserts. Luge ako sa buffet hahaha. I want to go here too !:D

Roch ayon kay ...

Huhu too bad I wasn't able to join you guys this time because of work! I can see that you really got to enjoy the food here. :)

Unknown ayon kay ...

Yummy! Desserts galore here. For the eat all you can steak and desserts alone Php 2335 is already a steal!

Lei ayon kay ...

wow this looks like a great spread for a buffet!! hope to visit this restaurant soon

from FBW

Jonas Labagala ayon kay ...

Lots of food to choose from! But I would dig in with their makis. Yumyum! :D

REICH DE VERA ayon kay ...

Oooohhh this looks super yummy! I will definitely give this a try. :-)

Raine Pal ayon kay ...

Food are well presented though I can't taste it but the way I look at the pictures all are sumptuous good.

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