Get a great deal for TribCo. Kultura Kamp's Manabayukan trip

Good news to Aldous at the World readers! 

That's right!


We are offering an exclusive promotion for TribCo. Kultura Kamp's Manabayukan trip on September 28-29.  For every group of 5 people that book, the 6th one can get in for FREE.  That is a total of P3780 savings.  The best part here is that strangers can also merge in order to get a good deal.  For more information on booking visit their website here.

 image taken from TribCo Kultura Kamp's official website

Here is what's included in the Manabayukan package:


For those ready for a simple adventure, the Manabayukan area is located by a riverside, a walk away through a scenic flatland route, with the mountains in view. Campers can easily appreciate the natural beauty of this location, not to mention the opportunity to swim in the river. Relax as you lie on the riverbed and the current hits you, washing coolly over your back! At the riverside, campers can also try their hand at fishing, one of the local livelihoods.
In this area, campers can experience the local way of planting banana plants and clearing out weeds in the day, or resting in the peaceful shade of the plants. At the bonfire at night, campers can share stories and dance with the people of Manabayukan, who are a resourceful and cheerful folk.
For the adventurer looking for a different kind of camping experience can leap right into the warm and welcoming environment of Manabayukan!


  • 2D/1N at Php 3,780


  • Bus transportation: Manila – Capas | Capas – Manila
  • Jeep transportation: Capas – Patling | Patling – Capas
  • Gariton (a cart pulled by a carabao): Patling – Manabayukan
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Camp Facilitators
  • Registration Fees
  • Traveler’s Medicine Kit
  • MP3 lesson of Basic Aeta words
  • Kultura Kamp T-shirt
  • Membership to the Kultura Kamp Online Community
  • Delivery of letters for your foster Aeta family after the trip

List of Activities

  • Palantak (Welcoming Rites)
  • Introduction / Orientation
  • Pagtatanim ng Saging (Banana Tree Planting)
  • Paglalamo (Weeding)
  • Istoriyahan (Storytelling)
  • Mangalap sa Gasak (Harvest in the Planting Grounds)
  • Pangingisda / Pamumuso (Fishing or Harvest)
  • Gabi ng Kultura (Cultural Night)
  • Maligo sa Ilog (Swim in the river)

Amazing, huh?  This great deal is only available at Aldous at the World.  You just have to email them with the subject ALDOUS BARKADA PACKAGE

20 (mga) komento:

Unknown ayon kay ...

will definitely consider this place. thanks for this man. will definitely use your code!

Franc ayon kay ...

It would be scenic seeing the place and also the view by the riverside.

Unknown ayon kay ...

Anung province/region po na under ung Manabayukan?

Roch ayon kay ...

First time I read about Manabayukan. Ugh, it's hard to pronounce haha. What foods are available there for campers? :)

papaleng ayon kay ...

The offer is too tempting but I have prior commitment on the said date. Sayang.

Gen-zel ayon kay ...

Saan tong province? I remember our outreach program when I was in college. We lived with the Mangyans in Mindoro for a week! If only I can ask my friends to join me here.

Ellen DB ayon kay ...

That would be a great experience to learn the cultural ways of the Aetas.

Lunaiah ayon kay ...

This is a great deal. I would like to join the following activities especially the "maligo sa ilog".

Swexie ayon kay ...

This seems to be a great but a very different kind of adventure. I haven't tried being in a campsite with a foster family. This seems to be a good adventure that will not only let participants have fun, it will also provide them with knowledge and understanding of our Aeta brothers.

Gil Camporazo ayon kay ...

This may sound interesting trip, but the pieces of info are quite inadequate. Where's this Manabayuhan? Why is it called "Manabayuhan"?, among others.

Unknown ayon kay ...

wow! perfect offer for barkada and family!!. The list of activities sounds fun and exciting!! :)

Raine Pal ayon kay ...

Good deal you have here, so nice for barkadas or a group of adventurous people. Need to share your post now.

Algene ayon kay ...

Travelers will love this! The fun-filled activities will make family and friends happy :)

Budget Biyahera ayon kay ...

Capas is in Tarlac, right? This would actually be a good immersion with both the locals and with nature. It's quite a good deal too.

Simplymarrimye ayon kay ...

It's more inviting to explore this place if you include awesome photos highlighting Manabayukan's natural wonders. Anyways, the activities seem interesting and exciting.

L.Torres, RN ayon kay ...

I think I read this offer too at Beanstalk. Anyway, this sounds fun and a little different adventure. It would be nice to socialize with Aetas and learn about their life in person.

Saranghae Korea ayon kay ...

Very good deal. I will inform my friends about this promo, they might be interested about this. Simple adventure yet memorable.

San Josenyong Gala ayon kay ...

Nakakatuwa naman to... Hindi lang basta adventure, you've also got to experience the culture of the people living in the place...

Kim Nieves ayon kay ...

That is one great package! Will surely add it to my list of things to consider! :)

SarahG ayon kay ...

Hope you have photos of the place. It's my first time to know of this place. Very nice package to discover the place with lots of activities.

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