Wingman Quiz Night

In what was the most fun night of the year so far for me, we had quiz night and dinner at Wingman.  There is nothing like having good food and having fun with fellow bloggers while competing against each other in a fun game.

The wings at Wingman are so tremendous that we all forgot our names while we're eating the wings here.  There are a lot of chicken wing themed restaurants in the country but Wingman easily takes the top spot.  One suggestion would be to use the plastic gloves provided in order to experience a lot of fun while eating.

After a sumptuous dinner, we divided ourselves into teams in order to prepare for quiz night.  It was actually my first time joining any type of quiz night so I got really excited and I was literally counted down the days before this day would arrive.

Wingman has some very nice drinks and that includes imported beer and this nice strawberry margherita.  There is really nothing bad to say about Wingman which explains why they are number 1 out of 859 restaurants in Makati.  All the people that reviewed them on Trip Advisor gave them a 5 star rating with the exception of a few 4 stars.

Quizmaster Erik threw a lot of difficult questions our way and we all had fun in the end.  It was not really all about getting the right and wrong answers like we were back in school.  It was all about having fun and I was literally laughing so hard while answering the questions with silly anwers.

I never thought a quizmaster could become funny and entertaining at the same time and that was exactly what Erik was.  I was also glad that everyone participated during the game and nobody became a sore loser in the end.

We ended the night with a pitcher of Long Island and Weng Weng.  I really loved the Weng Weng and it did not taste like liquor at all.

In the end, all the bloggers had fun and it was one of the best food events I have ever been to.  Kudos to owner Erik Waldie for making it happen and for Wazzup Pilipinas (and me haha) for organizing the event.  Watch out for 2 new branches opening this year at Newport and Acacia, The Fort.

7274 Malugay St, Makati
(02) 478 6770

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atty. stacy ayon kay ...

Looks like you had a lot of fun with the games. Any feedback on the wings? =)

Maria ayon kay ...

Thanks for putting your valuable time in sharing this with us. Your post was really worth to read.

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