Soy that is Super Yummy

I love soya with a passion so you can only imagine how ecstatic I was when I got an invitation from YummySoy to try out their offerings.  I brought along my blogger friends Roch and Carol and the soy goodies gave us a gastronomic adventure we won't forget very soon.

Chilled Beancurd Almond with Pearls (P95)

This Almond taho was good but I am not really a fan of pearls.  I did not get a lot of this and that is only because of the pearls.

Chilled Beancurd Dark Chocolate (P85)

Chocolate lovers will surely love the dark chocolate taho flavor.  I saw my two friends did but I am not a chocolate fan so I chose to munch on the other flavors.

Chilled Beancurd Original (P75)

I guess I was used to dirty taho because I saw their original flavor did not have any syrup mixed in it.  It is one of those melt in your mouth tahos that the whole family will enjoy.  

Chilled Beancurd Strawberry with Strawberry Pop (P95)

The strawberry pops that were present in the strawberry flavor were wonderful sinkers.  I am sure the kids would love them and the combination with the chilled beancurd strawberry is a perfect fit.

Almond with Coffee Jelly (P95)

Out of all the drinks that were available, I loved Almond with Coffee Jelly the most.  It is one of those drinks that has a great after taste.  

Strawberry with Strawberry Pop (P100)

Since I liked the chilled beancurd version, I also liked the drink version of the Strawberry with Strawberry Pop.  It is one drink I would love to have while reading a long book.

There is no doubt I would come back here when I am in the area.  However, they don't have WiFi access yet but they are new so that can be forgiven.  I am sure it will only be a matter of time before they would have WiFi.

Yummy Soy
The Fort Strip (beside K-Pub)

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Kim Nieves ayon kay ...

I want to try this out since I am a fan of soy products! :)

Unknown ayon kay ...

i think the chocolate and strawberry soy drinks are awesome to try!

Unknown ayon kay ...

My bet is on almond with coffee jelly! We love soya milk, and usually paired with cornflakes for breakfast.

Jonas Labagala ayon kay ...

I wanna try this one too since I love soy-based products. Wait for me till March next year coz I'm coming! :D

markpogi ayon kay ...

Been a fan of Soy-based products for quite sometime now. Whenever I go out, I make sure to have my fix of soy.

Unknown ayon kay ...

i love taho..but i am not sure if im i am ready with tasing new ofnow im happy with the original and strawberry taho :)

Gen-zel ayon kay ...

I'm a huge fan of anything Soy. Visited their facebook page and suggest to put up one here in the south. <3 Thanks for sharing this!

Roch ayon kay ...

The chocolate chilled bean curd really didn't taste like chocolate but it tasted fine.

Yup, I agree - this joint must have Wi-Fi connection but probably the reason why they didn't put up Internet is that they don't want customers to linger long as seats are limited.

Unknown ayon kay ...

I'm a soy lover too.. taho, soy sauce, tokwa and even tahore.. and the kids love taho too..

where is this located? I want to bring the kids and let them try the different flavors :)

Unknown ayon kay ...

We love pearls. This summer this is what I used to make in the house especially for the kids.

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