Make Way for new items at Ganso

I can't believe I was one of the few bloggers chose by Ganso to sample their new offerings to the public.  They will now offer the Japanese favorites we have grown to love.  When I arrived, I saw an impressive cast of bloggers and that got me wondering how I got invited here.

We started the night off with two of my favorite side dishes in tofu and eggplant combined to form a dish called Nasu Miso Itame.  I must say I never thought those two would make a wonderful combination.

The meat appetizers now came and first up was Pork Wonton.  It was crunchy and the meat inside tastes really fresh.

Gyoza is an old favorite to start off the meal.  I really enjoyed  how this was cooked.  I could compare it to the gyoza of other restaurants because of how good it is.

I love chicken karaage and their version is very crunchy just the way I like it.  This is one of those choices that goes real well with rice.

I am not really a seafood person as this was my first time eating tuna belly.  I must say that I really enjoyed it and now I know what I am missing.

Ebi Fry is one dish that is perfect for people watching their diet since it substitutes vegetables for rice.  The shrimp tempura is the perfect icing for the cake in this one.

The Beef Yakiniku rice was the best one among all the dishes that were served to us.  I could certainly see myself eating two of this.

The sauce on this beef rice was real wonderful.  I actually ate the rice even if there was no meat as long as it is mixed with the sauce.  

I love shrimp tempura especially when it comes with rice.  Shrimp is probably the only seafood I dig and I could eat a basket of tempura without getting sick of it as long as it mixes with the right sauces.  In this case, that was certainly fulfilled.  Ebi Tempura's curry sauce makes this one a must try.

A lot of bloggers said the sukiyaki was kind of salty and I agree.  I am sure that will be corrected though.

I have to give props to marketing manager Timmy for consistently asking everyone how everything was.  

I have to say managing director Camille Aguilar and her chef cousin did a good job with the whole concept of Ganso.  I will certainly come back here soon to try their shabu shabu.

Ganso Shabuway

Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City

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