James Harden, Eric Gordon, Pacemates and Grizzlies mascot for NBA 3X

When I arrived at Sofitel for the NBA 3X press conference, I am still pinching myself because I still can't believe I got to be one of the bloggers invited to this event.  I am an NBA fan so I have to thank my friend Sam for inviting me here.  The press conference is for the NBA 3 on 3 tournament happening this weekend at SM Mall of Asia.

The gorgeous Indiana Pacemates came out and performed a dance routine.  They really fired up the audience and left us speechless with their dance number.  After that, they introduced themselves and explained to us that it is not easy to become a cheerleader.

After that, we were treated to the funny antics of Grizz, the mascot of the Memphis Grizzlies.  Jinno Rufino tried to interview him but he grabbed his shoe then threw it away.  After that, he gave a lucky member of the audience a headband.  He decided to roam around and almost grabbed a bag.  When it was time for the NBA players to come out on stage, Grizz gladly took his seat beside the beautiful Pacemates.

It was the moment we have all been waiting for as James Harden and Eric Gordon came out for some questions from the media.  James Harden was asked how he thought Dwight Howard would be as a teammate and how he grew his beard.  Eric Gordon was asked about his team's chances heading into the new season with Tyreke Evans now in his team.  Both players gave us great answers as it was time to head over to the NBA 3X jeepney.

I was lucky enough to have my picture taken with two of the lovely Pacemates.  It was one moment I won't forget any time soon.

It was revealed that one lucky team in the NBA 3x tournament will win lucky tickets to the Houston Rockets vs Indiana Pacers exhibition game on October 10.  The NBA 3x tournament has different divisions including a celebrity division so if you think you have what it takes then there is no harm in joining. 

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Bobz ayon kay ...

Okay, I'm not familiar with the teams and the people whose in it but I love basketball. I'm just glad that NBA players and the NBA itself reach out to their fans.

You might feel like soaring in the sky when you got the invitation and when you're picture is taken with those gorgeous ladies.

Kim Nieves ayon kay ...

omg! This is so cool! I seldom play basketball but I do love NBA! :)

Lei ayon kay ...

wow!! you are so lucky to have witnessed that event!! great blogpost!!

from FBW

Franc ayon kay ...

It's good to see the NBA presence here and the upcoming NBA game here would be historic.

Unknown ayon kay ...

I am not really a basketball fanatic, but that mascot is cute :) Anyways, your so blessed to have witnessed such a grand event! *high-five*

Lunaiah ayon kay ...

I'm not really familiar with NBA but I love playing basketball. <3

Gen-zel ayon kay ...

I'm not really into basketball but I really love their mascot huh! You're so lucky to have a photo taken with those lovely babes <3

Angela Ricardo ayon kay ...

Great mascot and photos. The ladies seemed like they had lots of fun. Not updated with the basketball or other news in the Philippines nowadays so I can't relate much with the latest buzz. Overall great post,

Love Beautyholics, a beauty blog by Angela.

Unknown ayon kay ...

Harden and the mascot looks the same cause they're hairy ..lol just kidding wish I was there and could experience the same way you did.

FashionMoto ayon kay ...

You're one of the lucky few who gets to meet not one but 2 NBA players!
Grizz was funny! ;)

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