Help the UN set a post 2015 development agenda

For those who have yet to do it, vote for your priorities over at this website.  You will choose the 6 most important priorities in your life out of a list.  The list includes phone and internet access, action taken on climate change and protection against crime and violence among others.  

After you vote, the results of how the world voted for each priority will be shown.  There are also some people who voted for the same 6 priorities that you did and that will be shown too.  There is also an option to tell them why you voted the way you did.

UN will use the results in the development of a new development agenda following the expiration of the Millenium Development goals in 2015.  It won't take one minute to vote so go to the website now and let your voice be head.  After that, encourage the people close to you to do the same.

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