Galli Village Cafe - The Brightest Spot at Maginhawa Street

Thanks to Zomato, I got a chance to visit a restaurant that I have never eaten at in the form of Galli Village cafe.  I have visited Maginhawa street numerous times to find a place to eat since it is very near.  The pictures are from two of my visits here.  The first being when I used the Zomato voucher and the 2nd was when me and my blogger friends were joined by owner Christine Arriola.

The Maginhawa St. branch is only 2 months old while the Makati branch has been around for more than a year.  Despite owning a restaurant, Christine is also the retail channel head of Levi's so she is definitely one tireless workhorse.  

As you can see on their menu, their food is very affordable.  The restaurant started when Christine and her husband were thinking of establishing a restaurant where they can eat after church service.  Galli was inspired by different village cafes scattered around the country and some of their pictures are on the wall.

Angus Beef Tapa (P170)

My girlfriend really loved the Angus Beef Tapa here and she says it is her new favorite.  It is what she would order every time we come back here.  When I tasted it, I was very impressed.

Beef Salpicao with Rice (P195)

Chorizo Rice

Shrimp Gambas with Rice (P195)

I love shrimp so it is no surprise how I loved their shrimp gambas.  I have low tolerance for spices though so I made sure it did not contain any spices.

Lengua (P160)

When I was there with the bloggers, the lengua was not available.  It is a good thing I got to try it during my first visit and it is a masterpiece.

Paella Valenciana (P255)

The Paella is one dish that will take 20-30 minutes to cook.  It is worth the wait though because I have never seen a Paella that is only 255 pesos.  

Tuna Salpicao

Believe it or not, it was my first time eating tuna so I did not know what to expect.  I am not much of a fish eater but I actually found it to be good.

Bloggers with owner Christine Arriola

There is no doubt I will be back in Galli's QC branch often.  Maybe one day I will get curious and visit the Makati branch too.  

Galli Village Cafe
154 Maginhawa Street

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