Blogger All Star Fun at Grilla

I have to give props to the person who invited the participants for the fun Grilla quiz night last week.  It was one of those events that instantly became a classic.  The bloggers who came represented the best of three worlds namely fashion, travel and food.  I also loved the way the TOSH team organized the entire event as they really prepared for it.  

Choco Loco, Blue Illusion and Island Chill are delicious cocktails that impressed the bloggers in more ways than one.

Pinoy Fave suits its name fine because it combines Filipino favorites in pork sisig, pancit luglug, fried chicken adobo and tuyo fried rice.  My eyes certainly lit up when I saw those dishes at the buffet table.

I love kare kare and the KKK (krispy kare kare) made me hungry again even though I was not actually that hungry coming into this event.  It is my favorite Filipino dish and that is never going to change.

This sizzling lechon baka brought tears to my eyes because of how wonderful it was.  It made this a blogger feast nobody would soon forget.

Garlic longganisa and Tinapa and salted egg rice were the two rice dishes on hand.   However, the bloggers were watching their diet so not much people ate rice.

After dinner, it was time for quiz night.  The Grilla staff sure prepared some hard questions for the 4 teams who competed.  I was too ecstatic for the quiz night to start that I kept on bugging host Kaye to start the competition.  Everyone was very competitive since everyone knew only one team would win.

No offense to the Yahoo OMG Awards but this night had more stars than that event.  I fell asleep at the Yahoo event but this one was really exciting from start to finish.  

After some dirty trash talking, smart guessing and wild cheering from all teams, it was Team Sexy Eyes who came out on top.  They took home awesome prizes and that ended the fun filled night.

Grilla Bar & Grill
Rockwell Drive cor. Kalayaan Ave.

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