Barley Gastropub

Rockin Oyster Rockefeller

Our food tasting event at Barley Gastropub was certainly rocking like this Rockin Oyster Rockefeller.  The restaurant is only 2 months old but I see they have some wonderful choices on their menu.

Risotto Balls

The risotto balls are the perfect appetizer to such wonderful main courses.  Some would treat this as junk food but inside it is nothing like you have ever tasted.

Roasted Bone Marrow

Owners Justine and Tine answered all of our questions and they were very friendly to all the food bloggers.  There is no doubt I would recommend this restaurant to all of my friends.

Lamb Shank Osso Buco

I love lamb so it was no surprise how much I loved this one.  It was oozing with greatness like what some of my fellow food bloggers said.  Up until this day, I would often find myself craving for this dish.

Foie Gras Burger

The meat inside this burger is very heavenly.  The fries that came with the burger are highly recommended.  

Beer in the Butt Chicken

The most fantastic dish out of them all has got to be the Beer in the Butt chicken.  I was pretty shocked that there is an actual beer can in the butt of the chicken and it eventually became one of those pictures that I kept on showing to my friends.

Angus Rib Eye Cheese Steak and Fries

I love angus steak and this one is such a heavenly creation.  I am sure customers would have to spend a couple of sessions trying out all the offerings here and this is one of the main reasons why.

Warm Chocolate Cake

The warm chocolate cake with the caramel sauce was the perfect ending on this night.  I don't really like eating chocolates but I kept on munching this one and I eventually forgot about the other bloggers.  It was that good.

Frozen Grapes

Truffled Mushroom Pizza

They have some crunchy thin crusted pizza and I loved the one that was served in the form of Truffled Mushroom Pizza.  There is no doubt I will come back here.  In fact, I miss the food here already.

Barley Gastropub
Sgt. Esguerra cor. Sct. Bayoran Street.
Quezon City

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My favorite Rockin Oyster Rockefeller looks sumptous!I would definitely visit this resto one of these days!

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