What I ate at Best Food Forward

Last month's Best Food Forward featured a lot of food vendors that it was not hard to find something I like.  We tried the takoyaki of Fuji Mama first so I would find out what it tastes like.  It ended up impressing me but I don't know if I will ever see them again.

Some Jap guy approached us and told us Kewpie is the number one brand in the world in terms of salad dressing.  My wife tasted the salad dressing and she eventually bought a lot of it because of how great it was.

We had some fine fried chicken at Lardy Boys.  This is another food stall that I saw for the first time.  This is why going to these food fairs are great because you never know when you will discover a food stall offering something extraordinary.  The fried chicken was great but my wife was unable to finish hers so I did the honor of finishing it.

Simply Pie has a lot of awesome pies from buco pie to chicken pie.  I am a sucker when it comes to pies so I really enjoyed these pies.  I tasted one slice of buco pie and this was one food stall that I wish I would see again.  They certainly got me in cloud 9.

My beautiful lovely adorable and sexy (daw) wife

Til next year, Best Food Forward

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