Sumptuous dinner at TOSH Libis

I can't remember the last time I ate The Old Spaghetti House so I gladly accepted an invitation from their marketing manager Ace Azzaraga for a bloggers event here.  TOSH has been in the business for 10 years and they are still going strong with new branches being opened everywhere in the Metro.

While waiting for the other bloggers, Ace had the Grilled Veggie Pizza prepared.  The style of their pizza is very different from others because you will have to roll the rectangular slices.  Even if this dish is healthy, it is still very delicious and it is a good thing another was served when the other bloggers arrived or else they may have missed half of their life.

For my drinks, I had Matcha Green tea.  For those who know me well then you already know I am an avid Matcha lover.  I really recommend this drink or maybe that is just me being biased.

I love pizza so it was no surprise how much I loved their Thai Bagoong pizza.  It is loaded with green mango slices, bagoong and bagnet slices.  It is such a shame the other bloggers were not able to try this because for me, it was the show stealer.

Mylene's Creamy Pinoy Pasta is not your ordinary pasta dish.  It is mixed with longanisa bits, tinapa and topped off with creamy white sauce.  If I am not mistaken, it came from the winner of TOSH's contest and after tasting it, I now know why she won the contest.  I won't forget this dish anytime soon.

The pasta dishes that were served were Mylene's Creamy Pinoy Pasta, Gambasetti, Pesto with Grilled Chicken and the Seafood Alfredo.  These pasta dishes are just a small glimpse of the huge selection of pasta dishes they have.  All of us loved their pasta and we were amazed that they have more to offer.  My favorite was the seafood alfredo and it really went well with the garlic bread that was provided.

These risotto balls should not be taken lightly because inside it is creamy bacon.  This is one dish that should be ordered every time you dine at TOSH.

How original!  The carbonara wraps were very impressive and I must say I could eat these things even if I am already full.  It is that good.

No meal is complete without dessert and we had one with tiramisu which is my favorite cake, golden oreo cookies and mud pie.  I had a sample of each of these two and the child in me just had to ruin the TOSH logo on the plate.

photo credits go to Jam Anyong of Have at You!

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dustgaudan ayon kay ...

Is it really good here? How do you rate it from 1-10, 10 being the highest? :)

Gana Explore ayon kay ...

By the looks of it I am sure they tastes good. I am craving for pasta now :-)

Franc ayon kay ...

I find TOSH a reasonable priced pizza and pasta place and they also have a good ambiance.

papaleng ayon kay ...

Seems my kind of place since i go gaga with spaghetti. I'm drooling nga right at this moment.

Teresa Martinez ayon kay ...

It's been a long time since I last ate at TOSH. I'll try the veggie pizza the next time OI am able to visit.

Simplymarrimye ayon kay ...

I've never been to TOSH but the foods look so YUMMYlicious and I'm craving for that Grilled Veggie Pizza!

It'sBeryllicious ayon kay ...

Their panizza looks good..thai bagoong pizza sounds interesting too :) i also wanna try the risotto balls! :)

Unknown ayon kay ...

Oh i miss TOSH so much!!

Jonas Labagala ayon kay ...

I'm more interested in the pastas especially that carbonara wraps! I'm a big fan of carbonara and I really wanna try it!

And also the pinoy spaghetti is on my list. What I love about the pinoy spaghetti are the ingredients which are pure pinoy made! yuuum! :D

Joshua Berida ayon kay ...

TOSH is an ok restaurant for me. The food is nothing exceptional, average at best.
-Wanderer Juan

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