Rainy Night at Carol's Texan 5

It was raining cats and dogs last Saturday night but that was not going to stop me from visiting Carol's Texan 5.  I love American food so I was very excited for the opportunity to try out their food.  Owner Carol Chan says that their restaurant was more of catering before but now they are also focusing on walk in customers.

Tato Skins (P165)

Dynamite Wings 12 pcs (P365)

I was late so the Tato Skins was already served when I arrived.  It was potato skins filled with cheese and bacon bits.  It really goes well when dipped to the mayonnaise provided.  It was one appetizer that I kept on eating until the night was over.  The dynamite wings came and I was careful because I have a low resistance for spicy food.  That did not stop me from trying out their wings though.  I must say I loved it and the french fries are a must try as well.

Ultimate Texan Ribs (P425)

 Mushroom Jack Burger (P205)


Tomato Basil Shrimp (P220)

The house specialties came and even if I am still full from a heavy lunch I ate, I still found a way to stuff these delightful dishes into my stomach.  The Ultimate Texan Ribs is their best seller and I can't blame the hundreds of customers who have already ordered it because it is one of the best ribs I have ever tasted.  I love burgers and the Mushroom Jack Burger is something that satisfied my cravings.  The Tomato Basil Shrimp is one pasta dish that would really go well with the meat dishes.  It is also a must try for pasta lovers.

Mango Cheese Cake (P195)

Waffle Cream (P115)


Lava Cake (P155)

The dessert came and the other people I was with were already full so they only had a bite of each cake.  Believe it or not, that left a smile on my face because I became the finisher for the 3 cakes that were served.  I don't really have anything negative to say about these cakes and they are definitely for those who have the sweet tooth.

Carol's Texan 5 also has a kid's section where people can take photos with a Wanted sign that is posted on the wall.  They plan to have acoustic nights in the future.  Speaking of the future, it really looks bright for this up and coming restaurant especially if more people would get to try their delicious food.

Carol's Texan 5
2F 713 J.Abad Santos St.
Brgy. Little Baguio, San Juan
For inquiries, contact (02) 727-3843

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MaryJane Tauyan ayon kay ...

mushroom burger looks amazing! i love all the food actually! sure is that you're so full after those meals!

Unknown ayon kay ...

Dang, the mushroom burger just triggered some major craving...

Justin Vawter ayon kay ...

I definitely agree!! the mushroom burger will make you go crazy and mouthwatering!

Yamito ayon kay ...

I'd love to try the ribs and dynamite wings. Desserts are very tempting too!

Roch ayon kay ...

I would love to try those tato skins and see how creative potato can taste like. The presentation was unique as well! :)

Sumi Go ayon kay ...

Everything looks really good! I'd have to try Carol's Texan 5 when I visit the area. Or maybe I can just convince the boyf to bring me here soon.

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