Mezza Norte relocates at Trinoma part 2

I decided to divide my blog post of Mezza's re-opening into two posts because it was such a great gastronomic adventure.  I got to go to almost all of the vendors and tasted something.  Some were not able to prepare a free taste for the bloggers while some really went all in with their sample.  

It was definitely a night where I was soaking wet because of the heat and at the same time my stomach was so full.  How ironic is that.  

Chef Anton's roast turkey never fails to disappoint.  I am used to just seeing turkey at buffets so it is a good thing Anton introduced his brand of food at Mezza Norte.

Owner Nowie Potenciano gladly gave us samples of his Mochi Balls.  Ever since the creation of Mochi, I loved these furry ice cream balls.  I decided to try their Avocado flavor and it certainly did not disappoint.

It was nice meeting one of the food bloggers we look up to in Anton Diaz.  

Pinoy Master Chef winner Ivory Yat decided to spend what she earned from finishing 3rd in the contest here at Mezza Norte.  She offers an assortment of food including roast beef, pasta and nachos.  I got to try the pasta and it was great.  I actually always see her at Fitness First Trinoma when I was a member there.  It is great to see here having her own business now and I can only hope nothing but good things for the Sultry Chef.

I was so thirsty that night that I actually made this wintermelon milk tea into water as I gulped it straight down.  It was one of those days when I had too much milk tea.  I actually got to chat with owner Mia Espiritu and she is very nice and accommodating.

I was able to sample a 7 inch cheese steak from the Cheese Steak Shop.  They were actually the only food truck in the parking lot.  It was ironic how Mezza Norte is situated in a parking lot and theirs is a food truck parked in it.  Anyway, the sandwich is a must try and I must wonder if I can finish the larger versions.

I have to admit Zeny's Kitchen is an underrated food stall at Mezza Norte.  Zeny's Kitchen is owned by Jelina Ang and we were able to sample their longganisa rice.  I also recommend trying out their pork chop and chicken steak.

I told this guy, "Follow me on Twitter and I will follow you".  Haha. Good deal, right?

Mezza Norte
Trinoma Mindanao Parking
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
4 PM to 3 AM

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