Levante opens at Eastwood

Mercato finally has a branch at Eastwood as Levante made its much awaited opening to the public.  There are over 30 food vendors that sell a variety of food choices and that is good news to the BPO people who are working nearby.

It was awesome seeing the staff of Maria's Ilocos Empanada prepare our empanadas.  When I finally got to taste the empanadas, I realized they were certainly worth the wait.  

My homeboy Big Bob's Burger owner James Ean Cuenca comes to Levante with a new creation, Cheat Day Burger.  The burgers at Big Bob's were charcoal grilled while the one at Cheat Day was electric grilled.  I love the name because it is for weight watchers who dedicate one day of the week to eat anything they want and the food here is perfect for that day.

Patrick Cartaso's Eat MY GF is one of the more popular vendors there.  I can't blame people for wanting to try their garlic fries because they are indeed tasty.

Cakes by K has a lot of goodies to offer for those who got the sweet tooth. It's such a shame I am not much of a cake lover or else I would have devoured everything in sight.

Schmidt's Gourmet Hotdogs have really juicy hotdog choices for hotdog lovers.  You will be delighted at the toppings that fill up some of them.

Twisted Desserts sell a bunch of really affordable dig deep cups.  They can also customize cakes like the piano cake that is displayed.

photo credits to Nerissa Hannah Adriano =)

It is such a shame how this happens only once a week because I am sure the people working at Eastwood would want Levante to happen at least twice or even thrice in a week.  I also hear there were not much chairs in the area so I hope that problem would be addressed.  

On a personal note, I really learned my lesson with these Mercato events.  I always ended up sweating like a pig.  Next time, I am going to bring a couple of extra shirts. :D

Fridays 6 PM - 3AM
Eastwood Citywalk 2

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Sumi Go ayon kay ...

Sayang I wasn't able to visit Levante the past Fridays. Will make sure to pay a trip soon though.

Roch ayon kay ...

Those cakes look amazing! :) I'm constantly on the lookout for extra ordinary designs and flavors of cakes and I'm glad to learn I can haunt for them in Levante.

Unknown ayon kay ...

whoa! love the foods especially the street foods! I will tell my bf about this!!!!!! so excited.. :)

Unknown ayon kay ...

Sooo love Levante! Its just right beside where I work. Food trip galore!

Algene ayon kay ...

What really caught my attention is the Cheat Day Burger. Gahhh, the patty looks so irresistible. Indeed, it can make me say "It's a cheat day!" LOL

Anonymous ayon kay ...

Uh oh, I think I'm gonna find myself and my friends here during Fridays!
Hooray for Cheat Day Burger and those mouth-watering cakes! :D

By the way, how about the similar setup by the parking lot? Is it still there? :3

Jonas Labagala ayon kay ...

I would love to try their Cuapao and the cakes are just so irresistible! They're so many yet so yummy! Waaah! If I can go there, my diet will be long gone! haha!

Raine Pal ayon kay ...

I love the TACOS! Hmmmm...very cheap. 6 tacos for PHp70 only? I wanna go there. :)

Lady Patchy ayon kay ...

I love the Cuapao and all, lol! The food are mouthwatering ,makes me miss the Philippines and go home now and eat at Levante.

rejj ayon kay ...

I'll include this on my list. Yummy foods on the way, Foodie takeover. Thank you for the information. :)

Justin Vawter ayon kay ...

too bad, I'm quite far from Eastwood.. really wanted to try this! the gourmet hotdog is just so... now I am craving for it!! :)

tess ayon kay ...

Ang sasarap ng mga food, you are lucky enough to attend the food events. Mouthwatering lahat.

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