Delightful Tea Party at Super Duck

This small cup is just a sample of huge things to come when me and a couple of friends visited Super Duck Modern Tea.  Owners Steve, Ellen, Olivia and Dennis offered us to sample their drinks and being milk tea lovers we just could not resist that invitation.

The milk tea with no name yet tastes sweet and had black tea, black sesame seeds and pearl.  The only thing it did not have was a black heart because it tasted great.  The lychee green tea is good but I am not that big of a fan of lychee though.

The Roasted Matcha with Brown Rice was by far my favorite drink of the evening out of all that was served.  I am so biased when it comes to matcha because I love matcha and the owners noticed that when I sipped down this small serving.  After that, they offered some more and I gladly obliged.

The Shrooms are too good and owner Steve Jimenez tells us some people would come here just for this.  I can't blame those people because it is indeed a delightful creation.

Don't miss out on the V-Cheesedog and Fries!  Some people would have a bad first impression on it but would automatically change their mind when they find out it is a vegetarian version.  I just can't get enough of this snack and the only complain I have about it is it is not enough for me.

The Wintermelon Kumquat Tea looks strange with all those eyes looking at you.  Some people may feel conscious looking at this drink but in reality, it is really good.  The Orange Grapefruit tea reveals to us there are some combinations we just got to try.

Bailey's milk tea is for people who are milk tea fans and like to get drunk.  It is indeed a wonderful creation and if I am not mistaken, it is available only here at Super Duck.

After an hour of tasting their snacks and drinks, we left with a satisfied look on our tummies and faces.  We will definitely come back here to taste the other drinks on their menu.  Oh by the way, did you know they have over a hundred drinks there?

Jean and Sarah both gave Super Duck a thumbs up.  As for me, I don't think they deserve a thumbs up.  Actually, I think they deserve TWO thumbs up.  They are not known yet in the milk tea business but it won't be long before they will make their presence felt and the other milk tea shops better watch out.

Super Duck Modern Tea
Unit 111 A and B,

AIC BURGUNDY Empire Tower,
Garnet st. corner ADB avenue,
Ortigas, Pasig City
For inquiries, call 570-2292 

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Roch ayon kay ...

Bailey's milk tea will make you drunk? Wow, that's interesting! I wonder what ingredients they put to make that drink.

Unknown ayon kay ...

Yay, tea drinks overload! Can't wait to go malling soon and get my dose of iced tea. Namiss ko din, iba kasi ang lasa ng iced tea sa TR. Yay, never been to a mall yet since I touched down Manila! :D

Raine Pal ayon kay ...

A must try MILK TEA. Hmmmm...I just came from a tea party at SM DAVAO and I love it.

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