Crocs launches Run Sailor Run! game

Crocs has amazed me again.  This time, they launched a game called "Run Sailor Run!" where you choose a character and run through an obstacle course.  It is basically similar to popular game Temple Run.  The person who scores the highest score in this Facebook game wins an all expense paid 3 night trip to Singapore as well as a trip aboard the Crocs yacht.

Sounds amazing huh?  You are having fun playing the game knowing you have a chance to win a trip to Singapore.

Being the food blogger that I am, I just could not resist taking photos of the food that was prepared in this event.  There was pasta, buffalo wings, beef salpicao, adobo mushrooms and calamares.  The only problem here was the plate was too small.  Anyway, I am sure the other guests did not have a problem with that but I certainly did. :D

Blogger Camille Co joins us live via satellite and tells us fellow bloggers David Guison and Camille Co have everything covered.

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