Quality over Quantity buffet at Primero Casa Filipino

It was a bright sunny day when it was finally our turn to visit Primero Casa Filipino.  I ate at this restaurant a couple of years ago when it still had the name of Chef Laudico from the Junior Master Chef TV show fame.  Now, the Laudico couple were bought out and they are under a new management.  The new chef is Chef Chris from 7107 restaurant located in Orchard Road, Singapore.

Antecada (Bar)


Privados (private room)

Mr. Kim Marcelo showed us around the restaurant and also introduced us to the events manager, head waiter, general manager and the operations manager.  We arrived very early to the lunch meeting with him because we wanted to take pictures of the food while nobody has touched them yet. 


Sisig Shooters

Mini Burger

We made the crucial mistake of ignoring the appetizers because two of their specialties (Mini Burger, Sisig shooters) are actually in the appetizer section.  When we got to taste the Sisig shooters, I would say it is a one of a kind dish indeed.

Main Course:

Adobo Fried Rice

Pritata Vegetables

Seafood Pesto Pasta

Oxtripe Kare Kare

I told Mr. Marcelo the last time I ate here there were more choices than before.  However, he had a good rebuttal because he asked me if I was able to try everything.  I answered I was not able to and he added that is the very reason why the choices were lessened.  

Roast Beef

Fried Chicken Mojos

Fish Fillet

Capricho-n (Crispy Lechon Pork Belly)

The main highlights of their main course dishes are the Roast Beef and Capricho-n.  I actually came back to the buffet to have a 2nd and 3rd bite of those two.  The buffet is more expensive by 100 pesos on weekends because of the presence of crab, paella and instead of angus kare kare you will get seafood kare kare. 


The good part about their buffet is that the leftovers are given to employees and not reheated for the next buffet.  Instead of using a candle under every buffet item, they use an induction stove to keep the food warm.  The restaurant is enjoying such sweet success as they are already fully booked for weekend buffets.  You may want to make a reservation several months in advance if you really want to try their sumptuous dishes.  You will definitely not regret it because this is fine Filipino food we are talking about here.

All photo credits to Mac Vasquez

Primero Casa Filipino
26 Sct. Torillo corner Sct. Fernandez
Barangay Sacred Heart
Quezon City, Philippines
For reservations, call 02 9212448/ 02 9211850/ 09178512272

Buffet prices:
Mon-Thu : 398 Pesos net
Fri-Sun : 498 Pesos net  

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SarahG ayon kay ...

Wow, sulit naman talaga ang buffet. Sana makakain din ako dyan pagbalik ko ng QC.

Unknown ayon kay ...

The restaurant looks classy and the vintage ambiance should be a great way to enjoy good food!

Jonas Labagala ayon kay ...

I would love to try their Adobo Rice and Seafood Pasta if I have time. I also like the Spanish-sounding names in every area of their resto.. :D

Roch ayon kay ...

Oh yeah of course I know 7107 in Marina Square. It's where my Singaporean friends go to where they want to have a taste of Filipino cuisine.

The food looked exquisite. Nice! :)

Joy Calipes-Felizardo ayon kay ...

That Caprichon is so teasing me! Diet muna...yet Casa Primera can wait!

Budget Biyahera ayon kay ...

Out of all the food that you got to sample, I was definitely smitten by the Capricho-n. It's something that I will surely try given the chance to dine there. :)

Unknown ayon kay ...

i've seen this from Sumi's! it is just near our place. hehehe

Joy ayon kay ...

The place looks nice :) and the food looks yummy :) Capricho-n looks to me like a must-try :)

Kim Nieves ayon kay ...

I want to dine at Primero Casa Filipino. I think the restaurant is blog-worthy! :)

Ron Leyba ayon kay ...

Graet food place and great review you got. The buffet price is quite affordable and reasonable ha . Love it!

tess ayon kay ...

Food looks mouthwatering and the place is so inviting with reasonable price.

Unknown ayon kay ...

The food is affordable and the setup is quite intimate. This is a nice place to bring Balikbayans!

Amaya Chika ayon kay ...

I know how to prepare sisig shooters. I will make another one for my party.

Unknown ayon kay ...

Thank you Aldous for the review.... and thank you Mac for the nice photos.
It was great meeting you guys and dining with you.
Just 1 correction, the Bar is called ANTESALA =)

Thank you also for the kind comments.
We really adjusted the price last March 1 (from 488plus to 398net and from 588plus to 498net) so the more people will be able to afford dining at PCF. And yes, we are so blessed that we get a lot of Balikbayans visiting PCF (most recent was the visit of UFC's Mark Munoz).
We are also proud that we have the biggest parking area in this side of the city which is why we are getting a lot of functions like wedding/baptismal receptions, birthday parties, product launchings, conferences and corporate functions.
Hope to see everyone there.
In behalf of the owners of PCF, maraming maraming salamat ulit.

Sumi Go ayon kay ...

I've dined at PCF not so long ago too, and I really liked my experience :) Food offering may be limited, but they're of good quality. I'd definitely prefer this than having tons of items but of poor quality ^^

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