Pleasant time at St. Louie's

Believe it or not, this is actually a blueberry cheesecake tea.  It was worth it when we found this place because it was hard enough looking for it since they are dedicated to the people who see mass in the church there.  The church is Jesus Christ to God be the Glory International and the founder is Louie Santos.  He also happens to be the father of the person who entertained us all night, Chef Ning Sy Santos.  

 Cookies and Cream Frappe

St Louie's is concentrated more on catering as they were the one who supplied the food at the recently concluded Miss Philippines beauty pageant.  When I tasted their food, I quickly found out why they deserve to cater to big events.  

 Fish and Chips


The Manna is one of their best sellers.  It contains ground beef and salted egg.  I quickly found out why a lot of people dig this dish.


 Red Sea

This pasta and many others were named after bible terms.  I really love the concept and the originality.

 SLP French Toast

 SLP Pasta

Out of all the dishes that were served, I really recommend the SLP Pasta.  It is a dish that is exclusive here and it is something worth coming all the way from the south for.

 Tuna Pesto

 Blueberry Cheesecake

 Chocolate Cake

After dinner, we decided to explore the overlooking view at the 2nd floor of the cafe.  It turns out there is a nice view there and it is ideal to spend a lot of time there to share stories with friends.

St Louie's Park Cafe and Restaurant
170 Calamba Street corner Don Felipe
Sta Mesa Heights, Quezon City

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Jonas Labagala ayon kay ...

I have eaten blueberry cheesecake but I've never heard of it as a tea! I'm now curious on how it taste like. And they've served lots of pastas! yuuuum! :D

shykulasa ayon kay ...

nice place and not far from my area, I might check that out, that tea is interesting enough reason to go :)

Kim Nieves ayon kay ...

Nakakagutom yung Red Sea pasta... makes me want to visit St. Louie's now!

archiedelara ayon kay ...

I would like to taste Manna.
It seems heavy on my diet but I guess it's worth the try.

Hindi-nagpakilala ayon kay ...

Delicious food you got there :) I especially the Cookies and Cream Frappe and blueberry cheesecake :) I love those :)

Ron Leyba ayon kay ...

I will take the TUNA PESTO and COOKIES AND CREAM FRAPPE from your food photos above hehe. Looks so delicious Aldous!

Roch ayon kay ...

Did the blueberry cheesecake tea taste like the real cake? That's interesting, worth a visit :)

merlmd ayon kay ...

It is nice to eat some of these food but as one grows older, one eats more simply :)) love the ambience. I wish we had this when I lived in Sta. Mesa Heights.

Swexie ayon kay ...

How did the blueberry cheesecake tea taste? Honestly, it doesn't look too appealing for me, and it doesn't even look like it's made from blueberries. Hehehe! I'd love to have a bite of the blueberry cheesecake, though. :)

Budget Biyahera ayon kay ...

I love the concept of naming their food items after bible terms. Very original. :)

Sumi Go ayon kay ...

The dishes look yummy, and I like the fact that they name the items after words in the Bible :) Oh, and that blueberry cheesecake tea looks so delightful especially for such a hot summer day!

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