Gyu-kaku opens its first branch in the Philippines

After opening branches at numerous countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, Gyu-kaku Japanese BBQ restaurant now has its first branch in the Philippines.  I still can't believe I was one of the lucky people selected to become part of this VIP event.  When I was invited by Ross from, who am I to resist the opportunity of being able to bump elbows with famous people?  I actually arrived there an hour ahead of schedule because I was so excited.  

I got to talk with the training manager and she explained to us that Gyu-kaku is the bull of the horn because their signature dishes is beef.  They have a mixture of Japanese and Korean dishes to please a wide range of customers.  The very first branch in Singapore opened 9 years ago and right now, there are already 5 branches there.

Before the Event

As expected, a lot of famous personalities from all over the world came to the event as well as the top executives from the Bistro group of restaurants and the World group of restaurants since they are sister companies.  While waiting, we were given drinks, gyoza and crunchy pork belly.  Our drinks were oolong tea, green tea and sake or rice wine.  All three drinks did not have any sugar so you may have to order soda if you want something unhealthy.

We also posed at the photo booth and exchanged business cards with the amazing personalities on hand for this event.  It was nice meeting people who are very successful as they make a good inspiration to young entrepreneurs.

 The Opening Ceremony

I have to admit it was my first time attending the opening ceremonies of a restaurant so I did not know what to expect.  Some people were even asking if the restaurant is already open and some members of the staff told them it won't be open until tomorrow.  We basically had the ribbon cutting and the blessing of the restaurant by a priest.  It was a magnificent opening ceremony but everyone just could not wait to taste the food because they all knew they were going to get good quality food.


Because of this restaurant, I really got addicted to grilling using charcoal.  The food we cooked included chicken, bacon, shrimp and even mushrooms.  

The servers were always shouting something which was either "Charcoal Coming!!!!", "Hai Yokoronde" which means "My pleasure" and "Arikato Gwasaymas" which means thank you for coming.  I assumed they were shouting "Charcoal coming" so the customers would be alert so an accident would not happen.


My fellow bloggers already got a bite in at the ice cream before I could take a picture.  I could not blame them though because I really enjoyed it when I took a bite.  The flavors were matcha, black sesame, citrus and vanilla with soy bean powder and brown sugar.  We were also served fresh fruits platter and a sweet delightful dessert that was very similar to leche flan.

What separates them from other grilling restaurants is they use charcoal instead of gas in order to keep the meat tasty.  We were served two platters full of meat that we were going to cook on top of the burning charcoal.  I gladly took the honor of being the one to cook since it was not that hard of task.  It was actually my first time to do this despite being to other grilling restaurants before.  

This restaurant has everything you want in it.  They have great food, nice service and awesome ambiance.  I have to admit I got really addicted to their Wagyu beef as it is the best out of all the meat.  

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant
W Global Center
30th street corner 9th avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
(02) 687-5611
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