Doggie's Mexican Chow unleashes 4 new snacks

I was invited once again by Doggie's Mexican Chow power couple owners Angel and Fred to try out their new snacks.  I decided to invite a few of my blogger friends as well so they can also try the delicious Mexican food from Doggie's Mexican Chow.

 Potato Wedges Supreme (P70)

The Potato Wedges Supreme comes with ground beef, salsa and lots of cheese.  It is indeed a snack that would be suited as a side dish paired up with hearty dishes such as meat and fish.  Of course, it could also be suited to stand alone for people who love french fries such as myself.

 Champurrado (P35)

Everyone thinks Champurrado originated from Philippines but it is actually an original from Mexicans that was introduced centuries ago during the Galleon trade.  It is something that will make you want for more because it is also mixed with cinnamon and vanilla.


Chimichangas (chicken P45 / steak P55)

I am such a big burrito fan that this was my favorite out of all the food that was served to us.  There is nothing to not like about their chimichangas because it is crunchy from the outside and creamy on the inside.  

 Taquitos aka Mini Tacos (P30)

Taco fans will love Taquitos as it is a mini version of the very popular Mexican dish.  Unfortunately, most of us were not able to try it because we were full by the time it came in.  I tried the bigger version before though and it is something worth craving for.

Doggie's Mexican Chow
Burgundy Corporate Tower 
Ground Floor Food Court, 
Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City

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