Can't say No to Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is one of those hole in the wall restaurants that you will not regret finding.  They have all day breakfast dishes that are so affordable you won't believe the prices.  We were indeed lucky enough to be invited to this event in order for us to sample their dishes.

Chef Archie and Vincent Juanta sure did a great job of whipping up affordable breakfast dishes.  All their menu items are below 90 pesos so your budget won't hurt.

This one is their version of popular street dessert Ice Scramble.  Believe it or not, this was my first time tasting something like this.  Believe me, it does not get any better than this.

One good combination that would get anyone going in the morning is eggs, bacon and french toast.  This one certainly takes the trophy as a great classic.

We quickly concluded that their oatmeal with mango, raisins and almonds is something that will get your taste off the sweet things or "pampawala ng umay".  

We did not have high expectations for their pancakes but they really impressed us.  Some of my co bloggers even went as far as to say their pancakes are better than the pancakes of pancake themed restaurants.  Of course, I won't name those restaurants.  For me, the pancakes were indeed very nice.

This pandesal with eggs hollandaise will surely get your taste buds up for more food.  It is indeed a dish for the ages.

The whipped cream in this dish covered the fact that there is sardines inside it.  Since I did not see that, it was actually my first time to eat Sardines.  I can say that it was a cool experience.

You read that right.  Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is open 24/7 and that means their delicious food can be enjoyed by anybody at any time.  

By the time the tapsilog came, everybody else was full and that left me as the only person who was willing to sample this delicious meal.  I was not disappointed as it is great value for your money. Their tapa is Batangas beef so you can be sure it is tender and juicy.  

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast
549 San Joaquin St. Brgy. Plainview
Mandaluyong, Philippines
For inquiries, call (02) 4002268

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atty. stacy ayon kay ...

Looks delish! Sayang hindi ako nakapunta. Balik tayo haha

Joy Calipes-Felizardo ayon kay ...

I've heard a lot about this! Ma-visit nga:)

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