Strawberrific at Swensen's

I was one of the lucky bloggers to be invited by Swensen's food tasting event for their launch of two of their new products: Strawberry Crepe and Strawberry Chocolate Lava.  We should all be thankful to Chito and Lizzie Guerrero of OSH fame for bringing Swensens in the Philippines.  It is indeed for ice cream lovers such as myself.

Earle Swensen opened the very first Swensen's branch in San Francisco 65 years ago.  From then on, he would be known as the ice cream man.  Swensen's has ice cream products for those with the sweet tooth and those who are on a strict diet.  They make sure all of their ice cream products boasts good quality.

We took a peek when they were making the strawberry crepe.  We saw they were indeed using the finest ingredients.  The strawberry craze could not have come at a better time because it is already summer time.

Before the ice cream came, we were also given pasta and pizza.  It was a great appetizer while we were waiting for the main event.

I was seated with fellow bloggers Roch and Ann.  We shared the ice cream we ordered because we knew we won't be able to finish it.  Ann ordered the Strawberry Crepe while me and Roch ordered the Strawberry Chocolate Lava.  Both are priced at 250 pesos so that might be a shock to some.  However, the quality at Swensen's is matched by only a few ice cream parlors in the country and I have yet to find them.

All of us had a great time at their Mall of Asia branch.  Next time, I will visit their Eastwood branch because it is much nearer. Til next time, Swensen's.

Swensen's Philippines
1300, Pasay City


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atty. stacy ayon kay ...

Swensen's has always been in my bucket list. But, I'm always saving the best for last. =D

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