Saint's Alp BGC meeting

I must admit I came to this food tasting event at Saint's Alp BGC with a full stomach already.  However, that did not stop me from seeing if they had any good food since I am such a lover of milk tea.  First, the drinks came up and it included Lychee BT with Nata, Almond MT and Choco Ice Blended.  I got to taste a little of each drink and as expected, I enjoyed Almond milk tea the most.

The appetizers were Tempura Cheese Balls, Matcha Toast and Tofu Salad.  It was a shame how all of us already came from previous food tasting events because the food were all good.  In fact, these are snacks that I could order and spend hours surfing the net at Saint's Alp because of their high speed Internet.

 Chicken Paprika Sandwich, Burger Chop Sandwich and carbonara headed our way next.  I don't know if it was just me or maybe the breads were not freshly cooked.  That is actually a major factor I would take a look at whenever I judge sandwiches so I was really let down.

 Large Chicken Breast and Loff Spareribs were our main course.  I have to admit they really saved the best for last because the meat was indeed tender.  I think these meat dishes would go really well if served with rice but I think they are for pica-pica.    Overall, it was a nice dinner and I think I will be back soon when I do get back to the BGC area which is not often.

Saint's Alp
G/F Forbes Parklane
Rizal Drive, BGC

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Chyng ayon kay ...

it's a few tamblings lang away from my ofis bldg. hehe

Joy Calipes-Felizardo ayon kay ...

I've been meaning to visit this place. I think about it whenever I'm at BGC, just that it's far away from other food establishments like central and h-streets...

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