Wildflour Cafe

I got late for this bloggers event for Wildflour Cafe and boy did I regret that!  I blame all the cars in front of me when I was in Edsa plus the security guard who would not let me park at UCC.  In all seriousness, I arrived at Wildflour Cafe with only a few samples left which made me feel like a dog.  I have to admit I enjoyed all the food that was left for me and it was a great breakfast experience.  

At first, I thought this was mango crepe.  I was so surprised that I was wrong because it was actually Barbara Maznke's German Pancakes (P495) which contains mango and vanilla yogurt. I recommend this one as a very healthy choice to end your meal. 

The other bloggers reportedly were achin at the back of their necks because of the abundance of eggs in this tempting dish, Eggs on Toast (bacon gravy, parmesan). 

Bread Pudding (220) is one of my favorite deserts.  I could eat tons of this dish with a lot of vanilla sauce.

Out of all the dishes they served, I enjoyed Croque Madame (brioche, ham, gruyere, egg) the most.  At 450 pesos, the dish is actually worth every penny.  It is a dish that is perfect to start the day with.

While we are all accustomed to churros with chocolate sauce, this is the first time I have seen Parmesan Churros (210).  Being a big fan of churros, I must say parmesan cheese is a nice addition to it.

The owner of Wildflour Cafe, Ana de Ocampo gave us a brief background of Wildflour and informed us they knew it was not easy to be located at the busy streets of BGC.  She was nice because she answered all our questions.

The service was astonishing.  I think the servers were trained for several weeks before being released into the dining area.  

This is one of those places where I would love to come back.  It has a very nice ambiance and it is very ideal for meetings and reunions.

Rating: 4.5/5

WildFlour Cafe
G/F Net Lima Building
4th Ave cor 26th St.
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 856-7600

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Algene ayon kay ...

Sayang naman at nalate ka. Pero seeing the pictures above, I can say na you were still able to have a good time at this place :) I hate being late on events talaga kaya I always make sure to leave my place an hour earlier..

Alwin Aguirre ayon kay ...

wow! those food looks sinful, pictures pa lang. too bad you came in late. that's why i always make it a point to leave my place early. better be there ahead of everybody else than miss out on great food, haha! ang takaw lang ng dating LOLz!

Roch ayon kay ...

Their food looked exquisite--quite expensive also considering the ingredients used. But I'd give points to creativity. I hope I can visit next time! :)

dimaks ayon kay ...

I never had the chance to roam around Taguig but this one looks like a perfect place to unwind while munching on those yummy looking foods.

dimaks | The Urban Walker

Jonas Labagala ayon kay ...

Pareho pala tayo.. laging late sa events! lol!

But I have to agree on the 1st picture kinda looks like a crepe! And the churros are quite pricey for me.. hmmm..

Aldous ayon kay ...

Nah man it was the first time I got late to an event..i hate BGC

Aldous ayon kay ...

Yeah, I did leave an hour early but that was unfortunately not enough. I hate bgc haha

MaryJane Tauyan ayon kay ...

love the german pancakes! great food! love everything! sure is you're lucky for hving a chance of tasting this! xx

melandriaonline ayon kay ...

a pancake for 495, ooh i don't think i would buy one even if i can afford it but looks really yummy though :)

Unknown ayon kay ...

The dishes are awesome, it looks delicious and perfect for breakfast and dessert. I want to eat at that resto.

YANI ayon kay ...

I'm dying to visit this restaurant. Will really find time for this. Those dishes are so delish!

Unknown ayon kay ...

Better late than never. Food are great. Place is very relaxing (i guess)....I can see it on your pictures.

Hindi-nagpakilala ayon kay ...

All sinful food.I like all the food they serves.

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