Tasty Snacks at Wheatberry

I was lucky enough to be able to taste the tasty snacks at Wheatberry when I got invited to a food tasting event.  The owner was not there but her manager accommodated all our inquiries.  We were first treated to this amazing appetizer that had crunch shrimp puffs, buffalo wings and chicken strips.  It was a delightful appetizer indeed.


After that, we were served mango adobo pizza.  It looked delicious and it turned out that this was the best dish of the night.  I wish I can come back and get more of this.  

Their chicken pesto pasta stole the show but the bread tasted old.  After that, they sold me on their array of desert specialties including dulce de leche and blueberry cheesecake.  I have to admit they excel in making desert because I observed a lot of people dropping by to take out their cakes.


Wheatberry is located at Scout Tuazon corner Scout Castor. 

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