Sugarleaf = Healthy and Delicious

I got an up close view of this incredible juicer called the Matstone low speed multi-purpose juicer.  I have never seen anything like it indeed.  It can actually juice green leafy vegetables because of its 80 rpm speed.  It is actually the first low speed juicer in the Philippines so it is going to take some time before your healthy drink can be served.  

I have to thank Events Specialists Philippines for inviting me to this food tasting event.  We met owner Anton Songco who quickly revealed the mission of Sugarleaf.  It is to provide healthy foods to Filipinos and make them enjoy it.  He knows how most people would hate eating healthy foods but that is not the case here.

There is also an organic store downstairs which is full of healthy items from soya millk to coffee grains.  Some bloggers came from a steak restaurant so the owner told them that this experience will cleanse what they ate.  

The first dish that was served was the Assorted Goody Wraps.  The sections were divided into five flavors namely vegetarian, crabsitck and mango, grass fed beef, smoked bangus and free range chicken.  It won't be complete without the sauce and the kefir dressing was the perfect match.

Up next, the homemade fettucini with organic pesto and mango became an instant classic.  Out of all the dishes, this one was my favorite.  

The free range egg salad sandwich followed that and it even came with guilt free chips.  The bread was kind of rough so it was a little hard to divide this among all the bloggers who attended the event.

Jello's Probiotic Ice Cream may taste funny but it is 100% healthy.  It uses coconut sugar and the taste is very addicting.  Their flavors are Mango Cheesecake, Strawberry and Triple Chocolate.  

51 Paseo de Roax cor Gil Puyat Ave
Urdaneta Village, Makati

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