Great Food at Mu Noodle Bar

We had a food tasting event at Mu Noodle Bar located at Wilson Street, Greenhills.  I did not expect this restaurant to be this good but boy was I wrong.  Every dish I tasted impressed me to new levels.  I talked with restaurant owner Martin Ledesma and he told us that Mu is Mandarin for mother.  The restaurant is a family owned business by him, his girlfriend and his brother.  

They have a wide range target market which ranges from class B to C.  This is their main branch and it opened last February 22.  They are a mixed Asian cuisine so you can expect Japanese as well as Chinese dishes here. 

They first served two soups namely Char Siu Pork noodle soup and Beef with Tendon noodle soup.  Now I know where I would go whenever I am craving for soup which tends to be often nowadays.

The main course consisted of prawn omelette, 3 cups chicken and beef fried rice.  All of them are the usual Chinese food you would see in the menu but they have the best version so far.  It looks like they mixed some herbs with the chicken which is a good idea.

We had four servings of dessert which was milk tea ice cream, cua pao custard, frozen fruit and mu milky cup.  I loved all of them but I have to admit there is a big possibility I would come back here just for the cua pao custard.  It was that good.

Overall, it was one of the best food tasting events I have ever been to.  It was one of those times where I wished there were only a few of us so I could eat more of the food.

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Joy Calipes-Felizardo ayon kay ...

Can you elaborate on Cua Pao custard? I find it so intriguing. How was it?

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