Bonjour, Paris Delice

Last Thursday, I attended a food tasting event for Paris Delice.  Chef Al Laine De Leon welcomed us to the restaurant.  He told us it is actually a French fast food restaurant but the ambiance is in the form of a coffee shop.  He informed us the bread are shipped directly from France so they are fresh daily.  There are 3 owners of this restaurant: 2 French people and 1 Filipino.  They decided to bring the concept here in the Philippines.  He also revealed other French themed restaurants are also getting breads from them but he did not want to reveal any names.


It was revealed that Paris Delice is open up to only 7:30 PM.  Customers can enjoy a big discount for their bread items when it is already 7 PM.  That would explain the number of customers lining up here during those times.  They say they tried to be open until 9 PM but not much people would visit during that time so they decided to go away with it.

This sandwich is the L'Europeen or the Ham & Cheese.  It was the sandwich I was able to sample and the bread made it delicious.  I have to admit you must come from a far place to taste the bread here because it is that good.

I loved their chicken curry pasta even though it was a small version.  After I finished it, I noticed the other bloggers were still not done with their pastas.  I guess the pasta was that good.

The two soups were cream of tomato soup and french onion soup.  I have to admit the onion soup was a little sour but that is normal.  The tomato soup was alright and I first thought it was pumpkin soup because of the color.

We were lucky enough to have a taste of their wide Macaroon choices.  The flavors included pistachios, choco choconut, coffee, strawberry, lemon, salted caramel and orange choco.  I love it when the color has nothing to do with the flavor of the Macaroon.  

Paris Delice also delivers and you are just going to pay a delivery charge on top of the total price as long as you are in the Makati area.  

This is their Nutella Beignet and it looked like it is cream puff.  It had nutella inside and who doesn't love Nutella? This is perfect for an ending to a big meal.

Sadly, most of us were not able to taste the pastries because we were already full.  I still had enough in me to take a bite of the plain croissant and it was fantastic.  Even though  I was already full, I was able to finish it.  

The salad dressings are asian, balsamic, ceasar and raspberry.  The balsamic dressing went out fast so I settled for the ceasar dressing.    

I had Tagaytay Salad and I was not able to finish it since I am not that big of a salad person.  It was great though but I just don't like raisins that is the only one I left.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Paris Delice and I wish they would open a branch at Quezon City.  This is one of those places that I would love to spend hours at because of the wonderful ambiance and great bread.

Rating: 4.5/5

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