Oppa Namnam Style

We have to thank Namnam comfort Filipino food for accommodating us for this food tasting event.  We were welcomed by marketing officer Carissa Villanueva.  She was very nice as she was able to answer all of my questions.  The restaurant opened last January 18, 2013.  It has the same owner with burger bar which is the restaurant upstairs of it.  Each menu item in Namnam can be ordered in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium or Large.  This is a great idea because customers can order a bunch of small dishes if they are craving for a lot of things.  

First, we ordered drinks and we were surprised by the sizes of the drinks when they were served to us.  They were huge which makes them worth every penny.  We had mango pomelo coconut cream in sago, ube sago and kape't sago at gulaman.  I thought it was cool how all the sagos were at the bottom portion of the glass.

The menu has two different sections: Classic and twist.  The twist part puts some much needed boost to Filipino favorites.  For the main course dishes, we were served Pancit Buko, Overloaded Bangus, Gising gising, Tinapa Rice and Baby Squid in Olive Oil.  All of them were absolutely great.  You won't see me saying anything negative about this restaurant or its food because they indeed serve true Filipino comfort food.

I love leche flan so much so I was ecstatic when they served their own version right in front of us for dessert.  I noticed that it had some herbs and gata which was a great mix to it.

Overall, this is a fine offering from the Moment group of restaurants.  Here's hoping they continue to do a good job in the near future.

Wickedly Sweet

We had a food tasting event yesterday at Wicked Kitchen and I came away impressed.  I have actually been here before but that was a long time ago.  I could not resist the temptation to come back here again because I remembered how this place had a great choice of desserts.  We started out with appetizers namely Asian Chicken Salad and Firestarter.  Now that was a really interesting choice of name for an appetizer.

The desert was sort of heavy so I went outside and took a picture of the entrance.  I also ordered a glass of lemonade because I got thirsty.  I knew it was time for the main course so I had to get my camera ready for that.  The manager of the restaurant was also very friendly in answering our questions and entertaining all our inquiries.

The beef and beer pie came next along with the crunchy bagoong rice.  Most of the participants in this event actually ate in two other food tasting events before this so I had a huge chunk of the food.  The two main course dishes were not the main event here because the dessert was.  After the event, I understood why that is the case.

The desert came after that and it was the TRUE main event of the day.  I have to admit I love their theme of naming their dishes according to sins you can commit so you would see names like Gluttony, Envy, Sloth and Lust.  They served us those 4 and I enjoyed Gluttony the most.  Their desert dishes are prepared for 30 minutes so you must wait for that.

Overall, we had fun at their Mother Ignacia branch.  The restaurant is just in front of ABS-CBN so you will often see some actors dining there.  I can't blame them for doing that though because they have delicious food.  Contrary to the name of their dishes, you won't be committing any sin by eating here.

Wicked Kitchen
143 Mother Ignacia Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City 
For inquiries, call 927-1992

Great Food at Mu Noodle Bar

We had a food tasting event at Mu Noodle Bar located at Wilson Street, Greenhills.  I did not expect this restaurant to be this good but boy was I wrong.  Every dish I tasted impressed me to new levels.  I talked with restaurant owner Martin Ledesma and he told us that Mu is Mandarin for mother.  The restaurant is a family owned business by him, his girlfriend and his brother.  

They have a wide range target market which ranges from class B to C.  This is their main branch and it opened last February 22.  They are a mixed Asian cuisine so you can expect Japanese as well as Chinese dishes here. 

They first served two soups namely Char Siu Pork noodle soup and Beef with Tendon noodle soup.  Now I know where I would go whenever I am craving for soup which tends to be often nowadays.

The main course consisted of prawn omelette, 3 cups chicken and beef fried rice.  All of them are the usual Chinese food you would see in the menu but they have the best version so far.  It looks like they mixed some herbs with the chicken which is a good idea.

We had four servings of dessert which was milk tea ice cream, cua pao custard, frozen fruit and mu milky cup.  I loved all of them but I have to admit there is a big possibility I would come back here just for the cua pao custard.  It was that good.

Overall, it was one of the best food tasting events I have ever been to.  It was one of those times where I wished there were only a few of us so I could eat more of the food.

Sugarleaf = Healthy and Delicious

I got an up close view of this incredible juicer called the Matstone low speed multi-purpose juicer.  I have never seen anything like it indeed.  It can actually juice green leafy vegetables because of its 80 rpm speed.  It is actually the first low speed juicer in the Philippines so it is going to take some time before your healthy drink can be served.  

I have to thank Events Specialists Philippines for inviting me to this food tasting event.  We met owner Anton Songco who quickly revealed the mission of Sugarleaf.  It is to provide healthy foods to Filipinos and make them enjoy it.  He knows how most people would hate eating healthy foods but that is not the case here.

There is also an organic store downstairs which is full of healthy items from soya millk to coffee grains.  Some bloggers came from a steak restaurant so the owner told them that this experience will cleanse what they ate.  

The first dish that was served was the Assorted Goody Wraps.  The sections were divided into five flavors namely vegetarian, crabsitck and mango, grass fed beef, smoked bangus and free range chicken.  It won't be complete without the sauce and the kefir dressing was the perfect match.

Up next, the homemade fettucini with organic pesto and mango became an instant classic.  Out of all the dishes, this one was my favorite.  

The free range egg salad sandwich followed that and it even came with guilt free chips.  The bread was kind of rough so it was a little hard to divide this among all the bloggers who attended the event.

Jello's Probiotic Ice Cream may taste funny but it is 100% healthy.  It uses coconut sugar and the taste is very addicting.  Their flavors are Mango Cheesecake, Strawberry and Triple Chocolate.  

51 Paseo de Roax cor Gil Puyat Ave
Urdaneta Village, Makati

A Hole in the Wall indeed

Cocina Juan located at 100 Maginhawa Street is not your typical "hole in the wall" restaurant.  In fact, they are one of the original restaurants to step foot in this street until the place suddenly became a commercial avenue.  It was named Cocina Juan after their brother who migrated over to Canada.  It is owned by the Adviento brothers who are very close to each other.

We were lucky enough to have been entertained by one of the owners, Robert Adviento.  He told us they wanted the restaurant to become a fusion restaurant.  He also told us the food that is served in the restaurant were inspired by his visit to Nicaragua.  

Cocina Juan is also a painting gallery as most of the paintings here were done by local artists and some were done by the owners themselves.  You will get the homey feeling when you are at this restaurant.

We were served Nachos and Tacos for appetizer.  Since we were 10 in the group, I had a hunch all the food were not going to be enough and I was right.  Because of that, I had to take out most of the appetizer even though I was not really a fan of Nachos and Tacos.

A must try is their Chimichurri specials especially the Cerdo Castillo Chimichurri (above).  It is going to take them some time before they serve the main course.  However, I advise everyone that the wait is worth it because their grilled meat is the reason they get a lot of customers.  


Robert Adviento and his brother were all smiles here.  Why wouldn't they?  After countless competitiors, they are still standing and proving that they are here to stay.  I would certainly come back here and order the ones we were not able to eat like the Chicken Chimichurri Cheese.

Tasty Snacks at Wheatberry

I was lucky enough to be able to taste the tasty snacks at Wheatberry when I got invited to a food tasting event.  The owner was not there but her manager accommodated all our inquiries.  We were first treated to this amazing appetizer that had crunch shrimp puffs, buffalo wings and chicken strips.  It was a delightful appetizer indeed.


After that, we were served mango adobo pizza.  It looked delicious and it turned out that this was the best dish of the night.  I wish I can come back and get more of this.  

Their chicken pesto pasta stole the show but the bread tasted old.  After that, they sold me on their array of desert specialties including dulce de leche and blueberry cheesecake.  I have to admit they excel in making desert because I observed a lot of people dropping by to take out their cakes.


Wheatberry is located at Scout Tuazon corner Scout Castor.