Feast your eyes on the Uno Magazine Mocha Girls special

The newest edition of Uno magazine is the Mocha girls special.  Founding member Mocha Uson has seen girls come and go in her group and she admits this is the rowdiest group so far. 

In the latest version, Mocha is joined by Mae, Franz, Seika, Georgina and Jhane.  Each girl has her own personality but they are all fun loving aside from being talented singers and dancers.

Gentlemen will be treated to the daring poses of the girls in this special issue.  Each girl is also asked different questions in the issue so it is like going out on a date with each of them. 

The best part about the issue is a 2014 calendar bonus with the Mocha Girls themselves.  I attended a press conference where the girls were open to questions from the media.  Everyone also fell in line to get their calendars signed by all the members as well as getting their photo taken.

It sure was a good thing that the venue for the press conference was very near my house so it was one event I could not possibly miss.  I can now cross "meeting the Mocha Girls" off my bucket list. :D

Buy the Mocha Girls Uno Magazine special on sale now in newsstands everywhere!

Vizio Bar opens on December 28

On Saturday, December 28, join us as Vizio bar open its doors to the public!! 

Vizio bar. Is located at Tomas Morato corner Scout Castor St. ( On top of 7-11) Quezon City Food at Vizio Bar aims to equally delight and surprise the senses of taste and smell, and is an integral pillar of the overall Vizio Bar experience

The bartenders have one, and only one, mission: surprise ther guests with unexpected combinations and refresh their spirits.

Dance to the latest and greatest hits in House music, Electro, Top 40, Latin Pop, Hip Hop and much more! Vizio. Dance club, entertainment venue, social club and a bar Experience QC's most visually and musically stunning megaclub and dance the night away! Vizio bar is the first 3D bar in Quezon City.

Celebrate the holiday season with the Cheesy 7 pizza


I love cheese so I really got ecstatic when Pizza Hut introduced the Cheesy 7, a delectable traditional pizza crust pizza topped with 7 imported cheeses: mozzarella, parmesan, provolone, Monterey Jack, Romano, Cheddar and balls of cream cheese.  


The new Cheesy 7 pizza is also being offered in Big Group Feasts - just add P40 to upgrade your pizza to Cheesy on Family Feast for 4 and P65 for Barkada Feast for 6.    Also, The new Dewberry Group Feast for Delivery with a Cheesy 7 Family size, 2 orders of Spaghetti w/ Bolognese,  4 pcs WingStreet, 1L Tropicana Twister Mango Juice Drink with 4pcs Dewberry cookies for only P699.


More treats are in store for Pizza Hut patrons with the fun Cheesy 7 promo. To join, one must upload their version of the Cheesy 7 music video and jingle on Youtube. The entry with the most number of likes and shares gets to win a special ‘cheesy’ dinner date from Pizza Hut.

UNITED we help

Aldous ate the World was a proud media sponsor of UNITED Helping Never Stops benefit concert.  There were a lot of impressive performers on that night and all of them were willing to lend a helping hand to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.  

Abra along with his manager Josef performed his hit single "Gayuma" to the delight of the crowd.   Some students even came on stage to sing the chorus to the wonderful song.

Up Dharma Down was worth the wait as they sang all their hit songs from their 3 albums which are 2006's Fragmented, 2008's Bipolar and 2012's Capacities.  Lead vocalist Armi has never been so happy as she recalled how she was just a student of UA&P 10 years ago.


The important thing for this concert was that everyone had fun and that was exactly what happened.  The crowd was singing along to Up Dharma Down's songs and I found myself doing the same.

Everyone waved their hands to the hits of the band such as "Oo", "Sana" and "Tadhana".  It was great how someone could still organize a concert for the Yolanda victims even at this date so kudos to everyone at UA&P who made this possible.

It was no doubt a night to remember.

More Notes from the concert:

- Other bands who performed included Cheats, Pollos, Squadra, Harlequin Carnivale, Yolanda Moon and UA&P alumni Isa Fabregas.

- Yolanda Moon (another Terno Production talent) started their performance with Pasensya and ended it with Smalltalk

- 3 of the band members of Pollos graduated from UA&P

- After the performance of Pollos, Krissy sang "Coming Home" from Drake which prompted the crowd to start singing with her.

- Cheats surprised the crowd with their high energy as they made them jump with the band members to the tune of "We are the Animals"

Check out the official Twitter page of United for videos from the artists themselves.

Go on a food trip at McKinley Hill courtesy of Carnivale

Carnivale started last December 12 to a big success as it was good news for people who work at McKinley Hill and those who live nearby.  There are a lot of food vendors and you will surely find what you are craving for here.  Don't be surprised if you decide to forget about your diet when you go here.

Sari-saring Longganisa is perfect for those who love well Longganisa.  They have all sorts of Longganisa variants here.

I always see Chicago's Deep Dish at any Mercato event I have went to and they always serve fine pasta and pizza dishes.

These girls allow you to create your own pasta like you are dining at a buffet.  It was indeed something new for me.

I have been a fan of Macheesemo Burgers for quite some time and it was fun to finally meet the owner.  I love how they make their burgers.

I have to admit this dish had me craving for more pancit.  It brought a whole new meaning to the expression "This is it, Pancit".

These people did their best to entertain the late night eaters.  I have to admit they did catch my attention as some of the media people posed for some pictures.

I had a sample of the fine dishes at Red Adobo and I have to admit they got me craving for more.

Is your favorite food merchant here?  Here is the list of food merchants:

1     Mug CafĂ©, Grab n Go, Miggy Piggy Food Shack, Sari-saring Longganisa, B. Wings, Abhie’s Kitchen, Wrap Battle, Cakes by K, Dad’s Moms, Mamay’sIhawIhaw, Macheesemo Burgers,
1   Lets Taco Abut It, Olympia’s Gourmet, Tamayaki, TitaMidle’s Food, Rutherfrost, Abs Kebab,
1   Pipers Pan, Shawarma King, FMT Taclings, Manong’s Bagnet, Lariza’s Grill, Chicago Pizza,
2   Poland, Isa’s Mongolian

Do you want to put up a food business here? Email admin@mercatocentrale.ph for more information.

Philipabadicio.com is the Lifestyle Guy's website for Lifestylers

Philipabadicio.com is a website for people who love life and have style.  Philip has been in the PR industry for so many years as this website will surely give you entertaining segments like you have never seen before.

Right now, Philip has a TV show called "Philip, Lifestyle Guy" airing on TV5 every Sunday 11 AM to 12 noon.  The features on that show is also in this website.

The website features everything from restaurants you have never heard of to local celebrities you never knew existed.  Philip also gives away cool prizes at the website from the places he visits on the TV show so stay tuned for that.

In order to get updates from Philip, you can follow him on Instagram -@philipabadicio, like him on Facebook - Philip K. Abadicio and follow him on Twitter - @philipabadicio.

This is Philip with the webmaster of his website, Carl Ocab.  Can you believe that this guy has 7 years of marketing experience at only 20 years old?  That's because at only age 13, he grabbed the number one spot for the keyword "make money online" at Google. 

The Beef Bulgogi Platter at only P995 at Bulgogi Brothers

Bulgogi Brothers serves the Beef Bulgogi Platter at Php995

The Korean invasion started with the burgeoning popularity of K-Pop, Koreanovelas, and of course, the food. And with this comes Bistro’s authentic Korean restaurant, Bulgogi Brothers. Inspired by the flavorful cuisine from South Korea, Bulgogi Brothers aims at nothing less than the best in Korean food.

Bulgogi Brothers joins in the Filipino tradition of holiday rush and Christmas madness, with sharing platters perfect for groups of friends or families just hanging out and having casual talk over lunch or dinner. Bulgogi Brothers presents the Beef Bulgogi Platter, the ultimate trio of Bulgogi Brothers’ fine selection of Korean barbecue good for three to four persons served with six side dishes and tea of the day. This platter is available in two options. Platter 1 consists of L.A.-style short ribs, strips of bone in beef short ribs marinated in the special bulgogi sauce, beef top blade seasoned with the original herb-infused BBQ salt, and rolled beef brisket seasoned to perfection. Platter 2 consists of best-selling short ribs marinated with Bulgogi Brothers sauce, tender cuts of beef top blade seasoned with our original herb-infused BBQ salt, and rolled beef brisket seasoned to perfection. Both platters are available at only Php995 per platter.

Bulgogi Brothers will definitely satisfy all your Korean-food cravings this holiday season as they offer these sharing platters from December 1 until February, available in all five branches at Greenbelt 5, SM Mall Of Asia, Alabang Town Center, Harbor Point, and SM Lanang Premier. Drop by any of your Bulgogi Brothers branch and celebrate the Christmas spirit in Korean flavors.

Visit their official website 

End the year with Flow Boho Beach retreat on Dec. 27-29

End the year with a flowin good time as Flow Surf Yoga Samba presents Flow Boho Beach Retreat.

If you haven't reserved your slots yet, do so at their official website for a weekend of fun activities.  

Do watercolor crafternoon with Alessandra Lanot, Ashtanga Yoga Class with Carla Suiza and learn how to surf with Luke Landrigan.  

Meet awesome new people along the way.  Experience how great life is only at Flow Surf Yoga Samba's Flow Boho Beach Retreat.


My Little Bossings opens on Christmas Day

My Little Bossings centers around Baba (Kris Aquino) making her 6-year-old sun Justin (James Aquino Yap) live with her personal bookkeeper Torky (Vic Sotto) while investigating a scam set up by her husband.  Torky does not like the idea but accepts it anyway because it is part of his job.  Soon, Ice (Aiza Seguerra) comes to Torky's house with a little girl named Ching (Ryzza Mae Dizon) who has nowhere to live.  It doesn't take long before Torky and Ice realize the two kids can't get along as hilarity ensues.

Metro Manila Film Festival entry My Little Bossings was produced by OctoArts Films, M-Zet Films, APT Entertainment and Kris Aquino Productions.  All of them made sure everything was done perfectly in this movie fit for the whole family.  No Metro Manila Film Festival is complete without Kris Aquino and Vic Sotto so they joined forces in this movie along with the big screen debut of James Aquino Yap in what is sure going to be a box office hit.

I was lucky enough to be one of the bloggers invited for the My Little Bossings bloggers night featuring stars Vic Sotto, Ryzza Mae Dizon and writer Bibeth Orteza.  I also have to thank the wonderful sponsors because this event would not be possible if it were not for them.  The sponsors included Lucky Me, Solmux and Kettle Korn.

The reason Vic is pointing to the poster is one blogger asked about what Vic thinks of Ryzza's status as a child actress.  Vic answered by saying that before Ryzza's name was only put somewhere in the bottom but now her face is now on the poster.  One blogger asked why Kris Aquino is not in the poster and it was revealed that it was Kris herself who did not want her face to be put in the poster because My Little Bossings is all about Vic Sotto and the two kids.

Vic also told everyone that he was giving the Enteng Kabisote a break but would not reveal whether or not the character would be returning in the future.  As usual, Ryzza was her entertaining self as she exclaims "Thank you for the wonderful question" when one blogger asked her a hard question.  Later on, Vic mimics the quote to thunderous laughter from the bloggers present.

Vic made a bold statement by saying it is one of the best movies he has ever made which silenced the crowd.  One blogger asked both Vic and Bibeth if they had any plans of retiring and they both agreed that they are still young and that age is just a number. 

Bibeth told the bloggers that it was Vic's idea to have a bloggers only event to which Vic hilariously answered "Sige sabi mo eh".   Vic ended the press conference by saying that there is going to be a new king and queen of the box office.  Everyone thought it is him and Ryzza but he eventually poked fun at Ryzza by saying it is him and Kris.

Little Bossings opens on December 25 in cinemas everywhere and is an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival.  See you all at the cinemas as there are 10 days left before the opening.


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