Let's do the Milk Tea Rock!

After opening last October 26, Tea Rock Cafe decided it would welcome the competition from the numerous milk tea shops at Banawe Avenue, QC.  The star studded list includes Moonleaf, Tea 101, Serenitea and Nai Cha.  I loved their ambiance and drinks.  They even offer a 20 pesos discount to your drinks if you order one of their bento meals.  At 160 pesos, the bento meals here are not pricey at all.  

Their sea salt and cheese is our favorite one out of all the ones we have tasted.  In fact, my wife would order an extra one after the first one runs out no matter what the drink is.  We would recommend the english tea with sea salt and cheese.  The only problem I have with this place is that they don't have WiFi access (for now).  However, that can be forgiven because I love the ambiance of the place.


The staff at Tea Rock cafe are very friendly even though they admit they are still new.  I must recommend the trainers here, I guess.  You will get the usual milk tea prices for the drinks here.  However, the milk tea here beats out the rest of the milk tea houses at Serenitea according to my humble opinion.  I just could not stand the grumpy owner but I think I will get used to her in due time.


Tea Rock Cafe has become one of our favorite hang out places because of its cozy ambiance and delicious food.  Of course, the best part about them are the milk tea choices.  

Rating: 4.5/5

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