Four Seasons of Loneliness

It was definitely one of the worst hotel buffets I have ever tasted as Manila Pavillon's Seasons was utterly disappointing.  I saw in reviews I read most people who tried it actually used a voucher to get the buffet at half the price.  However, I don't think they got a good deal as the buffet was that bad.

I found myself circling around the buffets to see if I can put something on my plate.  Sadly, I could not find much food I like which means the buffet contains bad choices despite being priced at 1500 net per person.

On my first plate, I had turkey, roast beef and siomai.  The girls who were supposed to cut the turkey had a hard time doing it so I assumed they were new.  The meat did not taste like new but I kind of expected that since they were probably not expecting a lot of people to eat today.

I put pancit, lumpia gulay and squid tempura on this plate.  I still can't believe they did not have shrimp tempura despite the high price.  There was nothing good to talk about any of the food that I ate because they all tasted bland.  I was beginning to suspect they had mostly leftover food but this was a 3 or 4 star hotel.

The only bright spots in the buffet were the pumpkin and the mango crepe.  I actually liked the mango crepe and it was not disappointing like the rest of the buffet choices.

I actually felt sorry for the people who came to this buffet and paid the full price like I did.  The day I will come back to this restaurant is the day I forget this experience I had with them which won't be a while. 

Rating: 1/5

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Dems ayon kay ...

Hmm, I've never tried hotel buffets before, since they're very expensive :(

I'm sad that yours turn out not as expected. I hope the next one you go to with leave you with a better impression.

Jonas Labagala ayon kay ...

Hmmm.. it seems so pricey for a buffet and to top that, a bad experience. tsk tsk tsk...

If I were in that situation, I would find a place for me to eat.

MaryJane Tauyan ayon kay ...

turkey roast beef and siomai is a very nice and yummy combinations!! whats up for those carnivores haha but sad to read about this story. I havent tried eating in a buffet since i dont eat much! soup is alwys enough for me hehe goodluck next time! xx

Ellen DB ayon kay ...

Good thing you shared your bad experience to all so people won't get tempted to buy the 50% price off that this restaurant is offering the next time they publish a promo on line.

markpogi ayon kay ...

I have yet to encounter a horrible experience at a buffet in a hotel. Have you notified the manager about your experience?

Alwin Aguirre ayon kay ...

when I came to the pancit part, it didn't sound good to me at all. it sounded like you're dining at an ordinary restaurant. I feel you. it's a good thing the dessert are not disappointing, that's my favourite part of a meal

MaryAnneVelasco ayon kay ...

Php1,500 per head? And although you got it for half the price, I think 750 for a buffet is still really expensive. Not to mention the negative experience you had while there. Good thing that the dessert was good.

happy new year!

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