Coconut Vegan Delights at Coconut Restaurant

Coconut House presents a wide array of healthy choices.  They present coconut sugar as an alternative to normal sugar which is very healthy.  I loved their pancit buko and laing pizza.  The halo halo and leche flan were nice deserts as well.  


Coconut Restaurant is located at Quezon Circle, Quezon City.  Joggers would frequently drop by here since they could eat a lot of food without being guilt about the exercise they just had because they ate vegan food.  


After we go jogging at Quezon Circle, this restaurant is certainly our default hang out place.  They also have high speed wifi access so you won't get bored while waiting for your food even though it won't take them long to prepare it.

Rating: 4/5

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Nice! Food looks delish! How about the prices, are they affordable? I've been hearing a lot about Laing Pizza and will try that soon! :)

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