A Walk down New Orleans

Murray's New Orleans Bourbon Street Ribs, Steaks and Oysters located at 2/F Resorts World Manila is the lone American restaurant in the mall. 

Their Chicken with Mushroom was only fit for one person.  It only had two pieces so I was not happy with that.  The taste was okay but it isn't for two people.

I loved every bit of this free appetizer that was given to us.  It was free bread and it goes well with butter. We ended up ordering another complimentary bread because its very delicious.

                                              New Orleans Famous Baby Back Ribs (698)

                                      New Orleans Jambalaya on the Bayou (465)
This jambalaya is perfect for people who love it spicy.  However, I did not know it was actually spicy so I called the waiter and the waiter said Jambalaya in English is spicy.  I don't know what Jambalaya means but I don't think that's true.

This dish is called Chofon.  It was basically litson on top of rice.  I loved the way they cooked this dish.

                                          Paul Prudhom's Shrimp Pasta (375)

                                                Southern Buttered Fried Chicken (365)

 Their fried chicken is boneless and even had corn muffin. Yummy!

                                                   Black Angus Rib Eye 12 oz (1499)

 I loved their steak especially when it is well done.  The sauce of the steak went well with the meat. 

                                                            Tyler Oyster Pasta (420)

It is pretty obvious this restaurant is pricey but that is quite normal for an American restaurant.  However, they had quality service and good food which is what I am looking for in a high class restaurant.  I definitely recommend everyone to try Murray's New Orleans Steaks.

Rating: 4/5

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