A European style Christmas Celebration

I would never forget the moment I entered that door to Christkindlmarket because it was definitely a one of a kind experience.  They let us experience a Christmas celebration like no other because it was European style with European themed concessionaires at the bazaar.  

You have to pay 200 pesos to get in and you will be given a boarding pass which is a very good idea.  It will actually make you feel like you are really in Europe when you enter the bazaar. 

This nice fellow offered anyone to complete the map puzzle of Europe for a prize.  Whoever does it in 3 minutes or less would get a bag or CD.  If you go more than that then you get a prize anyway.  I ended up doing it for 10 minutes so I snagged a key chain.

The bread mixed with this cheese is awesome.  I kept on passing by and taking a lot of their free samples.

Were you naughty or nice?  Maybe you should tell that to Santa himself as you can take a picture of him here.  It was my first time meeting Santa so I was tempted to let him sit on my lap but maybe next year.


The mime decided to entertain us by dancing to some popular songs from Rihanna and 2NE1. He succeeded in making the little kids laugh as mimes can still become entertaining for people of all ages.

When we arrived, there was a magic show at center stage.  The magicians were good and it looked like they were used to performing.

What are you waiting for?

This European type of Christmas celebration is until Sunday so join in the festivities.  You can even do a European type of Christmas shopping if you wish.

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